BRAVO BV21 Overhead High Speed Sensor Golf Simulator


The Bravo BV21 high speed camera and sensor system provides both ball data and club data.

The Bravo Golf Simulator uses the  BV21 overhead high speed sensor using the latest stereo vision three dimensional tracking. 99% accuracy. 100 courses included. No marked balls needed. Proper handicap calculations. No annual subscriptions. Ideal for the home or business. Rent or buy options available.

Bravo integrates with The Golf Club 2019 software. Play some spectacular courses, compete in tournaments and even design your own course. There are thousand of courses to play, a must for the purest of golf enthusiasts.



Bravo Golf’s         

Innovative speed camera sensor system

  • Using 2 cameras the sensor system accurately records the movement of the club head and the ball.
  • The system can digitally reproduce the shot on-screen by analysing ball speed, direction, trajectory, back spin and side spin, and club head speed.
  • You can analyse the quality of your strike using actual video of your shot.

Bravo Driving Range

A visit to Bravo’s virtual range allows you to perfect your game by analysing all aspects of your swing with the Swing Motion Video cameras.

Swing camera:

  • 2 Swing Motion Video Cameras can be located to record your swing from any angle.
  • Analyse your swing, frame by frame, with up to 16 split screens.
  • You can save the video of your swing to the computer and check it with the Bravo App or on-line.
  • Use the recorded video to compare your improved swing to your old one, or even compare your swing with a variety of PGA Tour professionals.
  • Option to upgrade to 4K webcams for a better replay experience.


Live Impact:

  • Club head and ball path are recorded by the camera.
  • Video is analysed to show true club head path.
  • Swing path can be analysed one frame at a time.

Bravo Golf Simulation for home

Recommended golf room dimensions;

3M High x 4.8M Wide x 6M Long.  These dimensions are the minimum for a dual handed system.

  • The latest technology
  • Amazing detail
  • Realistic game play with over 100 courses.  Experience the thrill of playing Augusta National or Pebble Beach.
  • Play real time matches with peer to peer networking technology with 1:1 authentication ensures reat time secure game play.
  • Golf course landscape is taken from actual satellite data.
  • Ball flight is calculated considering real world factors such as gravity, friction and air resistance.
  • Play against friends or make new ones, anywhere in the world. Up to 6 players.  Play with real handicaps and keep records in the free members app.
  • You can use your golf simulator room as a cinema room too. Our equipment provides the option to watch movies or play the latest games.


Bravo Golf Simulation for PGA Professionals

Bravo Sports fully support golf courses and PGA Professionals and offer tailor made solutions to suit their respective business needs. We can also provide unique finance options such as rental or purchase. The benefits of providing a golf simulator to the members and visitors of your club has many benefits and can also help improve the profitability of your facility.

Bravo Golf Simulation for Commercial Ventures

Golf Swing Systems in collaboration with Bravo, have first hand knowledge and experience of helping new indoor golf businesses. These new start ups benefit from our in depth understanding of the golf market and ensure a better chance of success. We can also offer finance to new businesses that meet our lenders criteria. Call us today for an informal discussion.



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