CAPTO Putting Analysis System

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CAPTO Putting  is a revolutionary new training and fitting system that gives golfers immediate and accurate data on their putting in real time and in real outdoor conditions.

Easily applied on every putt and easy to use thanks to the user friendly interface.

CAPTO software is compatible with Windows, MacOSX, Android and iOS.

CAPTO allows you to putt freely,  without any instrumental restriction.
You can analyse in real time short, medium, long uphill or downhill putting stroke.

Live Feedback.

All parameters are detected and displayed in real time.

400 frames per second for a detailed player analysis in different gaming conditions by distance and slope.





  1. CAPTO

It is easy to use, highly accurate and very efficient. Offers analysis in real time. Indoor, like in the lab or shack, but also outdoor on the putting green or on the golf course itself.
There are CAPTO applications for Windows, MacOS and iOS.

CAPTO Putting Analysis System


Capturing data at a blazing 300 fps, CAPTO allows you to me sure and analyse all  key mechanical and biomechanical parameters.
Every 3.3 milliseconds, the sensor acquires a data set that is sent, over a distance of  up to 50 meters, to your computer or tablet.
CAPTO Software records and processes the data with margin of error at or  below only 0.1 degree
Regardless of conditions, distance and slope, CAPTO offers the highest accuracy


 For a full demonstration contact us on +44(0)1483 266 679 or +44(0)7966382413

E- Learning

CAPTO offers a free basic e-learning course and 2 affordable price

level 1 and level 2 courses,

about how to use the system.

This is a useful resource for coaches who wish to integrate the putting aid into regular analysis and

stroke technique training.

Knowledge is power, and knowledge about your putting technique can take your golf game to the next level.

Improve faster your putting!

Dont’ miss the opportunity to learn more about how to use Capto

and how to read graphs.

Courses are very informative and

you will benefit for your knowledge.

Improve your game and

improve your players’ putting. 

Invest in yourself!

Try our courses!

Who is using Capto?

There are a growing number of coaches using Capto in the UK and Ireland

Howard Bonaccosi The Kent Golf Academy 

Marcus Radmore Ingrebourne Links Golf & Country Club

James Briggs The Buckinghamshire Golf Club

James Waycott Kettering Golf Club

Andy Gorman Putting & Short Game Specialist

Wayne O’Callaghan Wayne O’Callaghan Golf Academy

Justin Rose with coach Phil Kenyon

CAPTO Putting Analysis System




In this tab you can see an overview of different analysis:

  • Stroke geometry Capto
  • Motion
  • Impact
  • Gyro
  • Linear Acceleration
  • Pass Through
  • Tremble
  • Cyber Tutor
  • Axix


In this tab you can see the impact between the putter and the ball.

The scroll bar allows you to change the view of the stoke.

CAPTO Putting Analysis System


This screen represents graphically (and with different colors) the geometry of the stroke

showing 3 important parameters: FACE, LOFT, LIE.

CAPTO Putting Analysis System



CAPTO Putting Analysis System

 CAPTO Putting Analysis System

CAPTO Putting was presented at the PGA Show of Orlando 2018 and was overwhelmingly acclaimed.

Hundreds of American and international professionals had the opportunity to discover and try CAPTO, outdoors during the demo day and indoors during the 3 day show.

World-class coaches, specialising in putting, like David Orr and Philip Kenyon have already bought CAPTO to analyse the settings for their players.

Capto was also presented during the 2018 conference to over 100 American instructors to a very positive reception.



  • Compatible with Windows, MacOSX, Android and iOS
  • Very Light and easily applied on every putt
  • Easy to use, direct results and immediate feedback;
  • All parameters are detected and displayed in real time;
  • It works within a radius of 50 metres via wireless to play freely on the green;









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