Fiberbuilt Grass Hitting Panel Insert Driving Mat



Fiberbuilt Driving Range Mats are first class and professional, provide the feel of a fairway, and give your golfers an outstanding experience at your facility.
This assembly exists of 4 fairway panels, fixed together with galvanized steel channels.

Options available of:

4 Holes ( 3 panel assembly) 30 x 90cm

8 Holes (4 panel assembly) 30 x 120cm

Please note this product is an insert which fits exactly in the Fiberbuilt S4 system.
Fiberbuilt Grass properties



Fiberbuilt Grass feels like a lush fairway. It is designed and built specifically for golf club contact and to reduce friction and grab through the apex of the swing. Unlike traditional turf mats, data received from launch monitors will not be altered nor will residue transfer to the club.

Ironman testing shows Fiberbuilt Grass can be hit over 300,000 times repetitively in the same spot before wear begins to show. Other turf mats are damaged and need replacement after 10,000 swings. Practice like the pros on the same golf mats trusted by top golfers and world renowned golf courses.

Clinically proven to virtually eliminate impact on the lead elbow and shoulder. Golfers swing down and through with their irons providing accurate launch angles and spin with no club head bounce. Fairway woods and hybrids sweep through the grass for injury free, pure ball contact.

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