FOCUS Putting Training Aid


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The FOCUS is the most effective way to master your putting and effortlessly commit your perfect putting stroke to muscle memory – regardless of your putting style.

FOCUS is the first putting training aid that provides both tactile and visual feedback of ‘lag’ in the stroke, making it a favorite of top PGA instructors. The majority of putting training aids neglect one of the most essential truths – the role of the sternum in putting. Practice with FOCUS and your sternum will become the central ‘Master Mover’ of your putting stroke.

‘Putt Amazing’





The FOCUS is proven to increase putting stroke efficiency by 21.3% in just a few sessions and is a favorite of top PGA Golf Instructors. Your FOCUS:

  • Uses BioKinetics to commit a perfect putting stroke to muscle memory
  • Eliminates unnecessary wrist and body movements
  • Fully adjusts to any putter length and grip thickness
  • Works with your own putter and with any putting style
  • Uses tactile and visual feedback sensors to create the perfect stroke
  • Includes two learning modes for perfect form mastery
  • Takes all the thinking out of your putting stroke

Ergonomically friendly to both male and female golfers

FOCUS automatically creates a biokinetic connection from Master Mover to all other body parts engaged in the stroke from the ribs, spine, shoulders, arms to the putter, ensuring you execute a perfect stroke without having to think of any of biomechanics behind proper putting stroke form. You’ll be able to instantly feel when the Master Mover center sensor is not in the right position. Stay connected to commit the proper putting stroke form to muscle memory with continued practice with the FOCUS.


FOCUS has been painstakingly engineered with strong high quality durable anodized aluminum making it lightweight and easy to use.

FOCUS uses industrial strength Velcro to attach to any putter grip size and easily adapts to your body and putting style.

FOCUS‘ Hub with three ‘tactile anchors’ is placed under the chest muscles and is pulled up and inward. The center ‘anchor’ sits at the sternum, allowing you stay connected while stroking for perfect plane, arc and face square to path while eliminating needless wrist action once and for all.




Jason Helman

Jason Helman: PGA of Canada Teacher of the Year

 “Being a golf coach and finding key products that make your players better and more efficient these days is rare. I’m considerably fussy when it comes to training aids but if you find one that you believe in that offers a player feel and improves their technique or awareness then you had better swoop one up. Well, recently I found this in the “Focus” putting aid at the PGA Show. I bought it immediately as I knew after using it for about 30 seconds it would help my students. There are so many student benefits and I have already implemented it into my coaching programs. It provides connection, awareness and freedom of the arms to swing. Big muscles are great but it’s also okay to use smaller ones to help produce touch and flow. I find those key issues relative to the individual versus a preferred style or written rule.”


Jason Helman
PGA of Canada Teacher of the Year
PGA of Canada Professional Development Award Recipient

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