Golf Coach Package


The Golf Coach Package provides coaches with the key features of the GravityFit system, including 6 x SwingKit which includes the TPro, a revolutionary practice and training aid. Additionally, you’ll gain access to fantastic content such as educational videos, drills, and exercises.



If you are like many golf coaches then you will have come across common problems as you teach your students. These might include:

  • Students with poor golfing posture
  • Students struggling to get to grips with basic golf movements
  • Students that need to integrate fitness
  • Students wanting a quick solution without effort
  • Educational courses with high costs

If these are issues you have faced, it could be time to join the fast-growing number of coaches using the GravityFit system to achieve better results for students. The GravityFit Golf Coach Package includes:

  • 6 x SwingKit – including the TPro, a revolutionary exercise tool and coaching aid
  • 5-hour educational video including GravityFit theory and practical applications
  • Content delivered by PGA Tour trainer Nick Randall, and award-winning coach Richard Woodhouse
  • A huge library of drills and exercises

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