Golfzon Real & Vision Golf Simulators

Next level reality of ‘REAL’



REAL is the name of this golf simulator, so is its virtual golf course graphics

Taken from the sky with special 3D photographing technology, REAL’s golf courses show ultimate realistic graphics for your virtual golf round.

GOLFZON REAL has superior graphic features and its virtual courses present unmatched reality.


Real 1



Golfzon REAL Simulator



GOLFZON VISION was tested and guaranteed by Tour Professional Golfers

Tested on real golf courses by professional tour golfers to prove its accuracy of flying distance, fade, draw and other qualities, VISION is the most advanced premium golf simulator.

Golfzon Vision Simulator


See The Golfzon Celtic Manor and experience the next generation of Golf Simulators.

Golfzon Golf Simulator at Celtic Manor Resort
Golfzon at Celtic Manor Resort

See The Golfzon at Surbiton Golf Studio and experience the next generation of golf simulators.


Golfzon GDR Golf Simulator
Golfzon GDR Golf Simulator

Virtual Golfing experience

GOLFZON’s cutting edge sensing technology brings ultimate accuracy, making your golf round closer to reality.

Golfzon Vision Simulator


Sophisticated analysis and a variety of add-ons

Information analysed by vision sensors allows players to review shot data. Impact zone, club pass, club face, ball spin, speed and angles)

Golfzon Vision Analysis

Golfzon Vision requirements

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