Junior Golf Programme Package


The Junior Golf Programme Package features six TPro tools – a revolutionary training aid, as well as educational videos, and access to content from the GravityFit system. It is ideal if you are a coach working with junior golfers and looking for ways to improve their overall game.



Join the large and growing number of trainers utilising the GravityFit system to achieve better and faster results for junior golfers. It is common to find juniors displaying a range of problems in their games including poor posture, struggling with basic golf movement patterns, and more.

The Junior Golf Programme Package provides you with solutions for these issues in the form of the GravityFit system. Utilising the TPro – an exercise tool and coaching aid – students strengthen their wrists, elbows, and shoulders, and the correct form is encouraged.

The Package includes six TPro as well as access to GravityFit content created and delivered by PGA Tour trainer Nick Randall.

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