PlaneSwing Junior Golf Training Aid


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  • Designed for children aged 3 to 9 (maximum height 4ft 5in / 135cm)
  • Guaranteed to fast-track kids into an active life of golf
  • Proving stability, width & rotation to provide a safe and dynamic swing.



Introducing the new PlayNSWING® – Junior Golf Training Equipment – Pre-order yours today!

PlaneSWING® is proud to announce the birth of our new family member, PlayNSWING®

Two years in the making, PlayNSWING (Play & Swing) is guaranteed to fast-track kids into golf. Vibrant in appearance, PlayNSWING® delivers in performance, giving children an instant feel for the correct movement in a fun and exciting way!

Designed for children aged 3 to 9 (maximum height 4ft 5in / 135cm) the multi-adjustable PlayNSWING hoop combines with a variable Stance Alignment Mat and PlayNSWING Golf Club to help children rapidly understand at the earliest of ages, through feel, the concept of the swing plane.

Stability, Width & Rotation from an early age will set kids up for life! The launch of PlayNSWING® is a continuation of PlaneSWING revolutionising the way golf is taught and learned and fast-tracking children into a safe and dynamic swing with amazing results.

With PlaneSWING products used by golfers of all levels and PGA and LPGA instructors in over 70 countries, were rightly recognised as the best in class when it comes to golf instruction, learning and training.

PlaneSWING Golf is dedicated to growing the game and giving everyone the opportunity to try golf in a plane & simple way that is affordable, fun and rewarding

Tony Clark, Owner & Instructor PlaneSWING Golf

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