Practice T System by Michael Breed from Eyeline Golf


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The Practice T from Eyeline Golf is the perfect tool for developing better alignment.  Sliding rails keep your feet aimed at the target and allow you to check your ball position.  Folding to fit easily in your bag, the Practice T is a lightweight and convenient tool for the golfer.

Standard system ( 2 rods, 1 cross piece)



The key to solid alignment in your practice is convenience. If it is a pain to keep your lines straight, you give up. That is why we made our rods thicker and smoother, with a crosspiece that allows you to easily slide them for new turf or longer clubs. Alignment and ball position are critical for good shots. Add more rods to create the perfect practice station to fit you. Get really crazy and add the 360˚ mirror, it has slots to fit perfectly on the top rod. Practice made perfect!

Product Tour:
Alignment is the most critical element of an “on-target” shot.
Consistent ball position between the feet creates consistently solid shots.
Consistent ball position from the toe line creates consistent shot shape.
Our premium rods are made to endure the abuse of riding in your bag; NO bending, cracking, or splinters.

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