PRGR Portable Golf Launch Monitor with Swing Speed Golf bundle


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You need a golf launch monitor with Swing Speed Golf to see your progress!

Save £19.00 with this combined product package.

The perfect package to monitor your golf swing progress.  The PRGR portable golf launch monitor keeps a history of your 500 most recent swings and measurements and can measure your club head speed on practice swings.

Swing Speed Golf features a bespoke interchangeable weight adapter.  By following the simple exercise drill programme you could see a distance gain of 20 yards or more in around 8 weeks.




Swing Speed Golf

  • Swing Speed Golf shaft.  Length: 114cm (45″)
  •  Shaft weight adapter
  •  Torque wrench
  •  100 gram weight
  •  150 gram weight
  •  200 gram weight
  •  Training & Instructions Guide

PRGR Portable golf launch monitor

LCD screen: Display measurement results and history
ON/OFF & Enter button: used to switch the power on and off, and to select and confirm device settings
Measuring section: point this part in the direction you are hitting the ball in order to make measurements
Camera screw: used to attach the device to tripods and other fixings
Battery compartment: takes four AAA size alkaline batteries
Flight distance display switch button: switches between Carry and Total flight distance display modes
Mode button: used to switch between the various modes
Scroll button: used to scroll through measurement histories and device setting


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