Swing Kit by Gravity Fit (Green & Yellow TPro Bands)


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The Swing Kit includes the revolutionary golf exercise tool the TPro – including both green and yellow bands. The kit has been specifically designed to improve your game and your performance. The Swing Kit will:

Improve and correct your posture
Promote a true athletic setup to shots
Strengthen your core and deep muscle system
Improve your rotation
Provide immediate feedback on your movement

This means that using the Swing Kit will help you to achieve cleaner contact with shots and increased distance. Your game will also be more consistent, with stronger directional control. Better still, it should lead to less strain in your back and fewer aches, pains, and injuries from golf.



The Swing Kit utilises the TPro – this is a science-based tool that is designed to help players increase their spinal core strength and their rotation. Alongside the TPro, the kit includes medium resistance (green) bands and low resistance (yellow) band, as well as more than 15 online drills and exercises for the TPro.

While performing the exercises, the TPro applies axial compression to your arms – strengthening up the wrist, elbow, and shoulder at the same time as ensuring the shoulder blade is stable. You can use the Kit as you practice golf drills and exercises, as well as hitting shots. This stabilises and holds your spinal position, improving rotation, which in turn benefits your consistency and power.

Used by everyone from professionals to improvers, any golfer can train for a better posture and movement patterns. The simplicity of the product means that you can learn it extremely quickly and start enjoying the benefits immediately.

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