The Bravo Golf Simulator Bundle (L)


Bundle includes:

  • BRAVO BV21 Overhead High Speed Sensor Golf Simulator
  • Panasonic 4300 Lumens Projector
  • 2m x 3m Tee Turf Hitting Mat
  • 4m x 3m Archery Impact Screen
  • 4no x 3m Galvanised Steel Angle




The Bravo Golf Simulator Bundle (L)

Golf Swing System’s new Bravo Golf Simulator Bundles includes Bravo Golf’s innovative speed camera sensor system which uses 2 camera to accurately record the movement of the club head and the ball & digitally reproduce the shot on-screen by analysing ball speed, direction, trajectory, back spin and side spin, and club head speed








Coupled with our Tee Turf 30 Tee Turf Hitting Mat. Made using the very latest high density Nylon PA/PP mixed yarn. This grass has been designed for Tee areas, Practice Hitting Zones and Short Game areas. It has exceptional durability and playing characteristics. No infill needed.










And matched with our Archery Grade Impact screen (right) which would need to be secured to 300mm off the back wall by our Galvanised Steel Angle, also provided within package.

  • Super Quiet
  • Low Bounce-back
  • No Backstop Required
  • Bright White Screen
  • High Definition Picture
  • Extremely Durable & Lightweight
  • Eyelets top and sides to be secured to Galvanised Angle




And lastly using our Panasonic 4300 Lumens projector for a clear and crisp image looking similar to the below :









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