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The Swing Caddie SC200 Launch Monitor is a stand-alone device(no phone app needed) that will offer Instant feedback via LCD display of your golf stroke. It will measures the Carry Distance, Swing Speed, Ball Speed and Smash Factor and return these results on the display.
This unit also has Distance Voice Output and selectable Loft Angle
The SC200 has 3 Modes: Practice, Target, Random and statistics for each club used.
SC200 will display shot count and time display. It comes with remote control for ease of use.



The Swing Caddie SC200 from Voice Caddie is a portable Doppler Radar-based launch monitor. It provides you with your distance (either carry or total distance) and is available at a very affordable price. Providing you with instant feedback on its LCD display this hand-held monitor is able to measure ball and club data, so that you can see your carry distance, ball speed, swing speed and smash factor.

Following on from the success of Voice Caddie’s original line of voice guided GPS devices, the Swing Caddie SC200 also features voice output functionality that tells you how far the ball has carried after every shot. This is a standalone device that does not require any integration or syncing with smartphones.

The SC200 has three different modes that you can use: Practice, Target and Radom. In Practice mode you’ll receive instant feedback, in Target mode you select the distance and work on achieving it, and in Random mode the unit chooses for you. Each of these modes should help to ensure that your time spent at the range is varied and useful.

There is a real focus on improving your game – the SC200 gives you the ability to track daily and overall statistics for each club. This can help you fine tune your distance control. Additionally, distance-adjusted measurements are provided based on the barometric pressure of the practice environment, to give you a true understanding of the evolution of your shots.

With the option to input your clubs’ exact loft angles, the device can be completely customised around your bag setup so that it provides extremely accurate data for every type of shot. The included wireless control unit enables all settings, including club selection, to be controlled remotely, while a shot count and time display feature allows practice session length and intensity to be monitored.

Weighing a little over 200g and measuring just 15cm x 7.5cm x 2.5cm, the Swing Caddie SC200 is not just great for golfers who love to practice. Its compact size and affordability also make the device great for coaches who want to maximise the effectiveness of their lessons and club fittings.

sc200 features

  • Standalone device (no phone app needed)
  • Instant feedback via LCD display
  • Measures: Carry Distance, Swing Speed, Ball Speed and Smash Factor
  • 3 Modes: Practice, Target, Random
  • Stats for each club
  • No additional fees, no hidden costs
  • Remote control included



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