WellPutt 8M x 95cm Pro Speed


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  • 8m x 95cm
  • Allows you to train and devlop putting skills
  • Supplied with training guide
  • Pro Speed have a Roll Speed of 11ft/3.2m




A good putt is the result of good aim with good speed.

The WellPutt mat is designed so it can be used in both directions.

Wellputt mats are designed to train and develop putting skills, and allow you not just to putt but to learn to putt well.

Sold with a training book and 3 course score card booklets of varying difficulty, all aspects of a putting stroke can be developed including alignment, touch, length and speed.

Pro Speed have a Roll Speed of 11ft/3.2m

High Speed Mat (pro speed) correspond to the best golf greens in the world.


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