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Swing Align is a highly versatile golf swing trainer that can be used by golfers looking for extra help with alignment, rotation, connection, and swing plane. The trainer is attached to the biceps – you can then use a club as normal and the trainer will provide you with immediate visual feedback on what you need to do to improve.

The trainer is easy to use – it has been designed to make a perfect swing feel like a natural movement. When the rod is out of alignment, so is your shot! This makes it easy to establish when you need to square up. The trainer is flexible and has swivelling cuffs, meaning you can complete your natural swing without feeling constricted.

There are six buying options ranging from the standard Swing Align system to the XL version – perfect for those with larger arms or upper bodies. The XL version can additionally be used on the legs to help train your stance. There are also various bundles available featuring all of the accessories you need.
If you are looking for a way to get fast feedback on all aspects of your swing to help you correct it as soon as possible, the Swing Align could be the perfect choice.

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