The highest tee box in London – GSS at Fidelis

The highest tee box in London – GSS at Fidelis

With health and wellness in the office becoming more of a priority post pandemic, Fidelis insurance, have installed a state of the art simulator in their London office. Located on the 42nd floor of their Bishop’s Gate office, Fidelis have opted for a powerful Trackman unit to provide the gold standard in data and simulation.

By encouraging a form of exercise in the office, Fidelis are buying into the adage that a happy workforce are a productive workforce. Workers can swing away those Monday blues in style.

The latest advice from the CDC encourages employers to help their workers engage with their own health and wellness. By providing an in house option for employees to relax, move and exercise, Fidelis have gone above and beyond this modern work place requirement.

With the title of highest golf simulator in London, came some challenges for the GSS team. A partnership with the Fidelis interior design team ensured the simulator adhered to fire codes and fit the design of their very stylish office location. Opting for acoustic foam cushioning to surround the simulator screen, cushioned ceiling tiles were required to provide space for the office’s fire sprinkler system. In partnership with the interior design team the simulator is now covered with a custom outer layer to fit into the office’s design.

Golf Swing Systems are proud of this install and truly feel this simulator takes the term elevated tee box, to a new level, with views that are difficult to beat!

The view from the 42nd floor Fidelis simulator
By adding a simulator to the 42nd floor of their London office, Fidelis have taken the term elevated tee box, to a new level!