Impact Ball Golf Training Aid

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The Impact Ball Trainer provides a feeling to Increase Distance, Square the Club Face, and HIT IT PURE every time.

Keep the hands, wrists and body in timing through the strike. Trains your whole game by developing feel with no mechanical thoughts.

Take a few swings every day and there will be tremendous improvement shown through increased distance by training the body and club to move together through impact, control of direction by squaring the face through proper forearm rotation, a solid strike by getting the handle to lead through impact without scooping the ball, and an improved putting stroke by reducing body movement with the ball between the knees and forearms. By correcting the position of the hands and body at impact, the Impact Ball lowers handicaps and strengthens your golf game.



The Impact Ball is a valuable golf swing trainer that can help golfers of all skill levels improve their game. This training aid helps you to concentrate on the impact positon, which is the most important aspect of your swing – providing you with improved mechanics to increase distance, square the club face and boost consistency with your strikes.

Created with purpose to help you keep your hands, wrists and body in time and the correct position throughout the strike, the Impact Ball can be used at home or at the range as you work on your game.

Are you interested in improving your golf swing? The Impact Ball can help improve your position and timing by developing feeling with no need for mechanical thought. Some of the ways the Impact Ball improves your game include:

  • It trains your whole game to help you develop the natural feel for the strike
  • It can be used to help everything from putting and chipping to pitching, bunker play and full swing
  • It allows you to hit balls and feel the same as a tour player feels with their golf swing
  • It can be used both at home and at the range as a training aid

The 3 easy steps for a better golf swing


Place the Ball between your forearms, take your normal set up and take the club back so that blue is showing forward (backswing)


On the forward swing, brush the turf and make contact with the ball (impact). Upon impact, the impact ball the yellow and blue split should be directly in line with the golf ball


Continue the swing as normal (follow through). You should finish with the yellow side facing forward. Repeat this swing until you are in complete control and comfortable. Begin hitting balls with the pitching wedge and repeat the cycle as needed.


The Impact Ball for solid putting

The Impact Ball for solid putting



Place the most comfortable size ball between your knees and take another ball and put it between your forearms. Take you normal stance.


Just like normal, putt the ball. Your lower body movement will be limited. Repeat the swing until you are in control and comfortable.

How it works

How it works

How it works

The primary goal of the Impact Ball is to simplify the process of swinging a golf club without confusing the motion with mechanical thoughts. The thinking behind this is that a mechanical thought process is something that needs to be repeated over and over until it becomes second nature. The problem is that golfers trying to improve their game will become frustrated when they don’t experience results quickly – mechanical thoughts simply take too long to ingrain. So when you swing a club based on feeling, the results are much better and faster.

The Impact Ball helps you to understand the feeling rather than the mechanics, allowing golfers of any skill level to improve their game. The ball is designed to create an ideal relationship between the body, hands and wrists with the club through the impact area. This relationship is something shared by almost all low handicap and pro golfers but is missing from less experienced and less successful players.

Instead of trying to affect the golf ball the Impact Ball allows you place all of your focus on the body and the club working together through the strike. It may still take some time for you to notice the difference, but they can ultimately be very successful.

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