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Golf Swing Systems Ltd can design and install all the equipment needed for a successful custom fitting and video analysis studio using cSwing or V1 video coaching software and other golf swing technology such as Trackman, SkyTrak,GC2, GCQuad, FlightScope and a variety of Body Motion Systems including the BodiTrak which records Balance, Weight and Centre of Pressure (COP).

Our clients include Callaway Golf, we installed their custom fit studio in Chessington,  Gavin Hay Custom Lab Golf, Kristian Baker at Sunningdale Heath, Stoke Park Golf Academy, Howard Bonacorrsi Kent Golf Academy and many more which we would love to mention.


Kent Golf Academy

Custom Golf LabCustom Golf Lab 

Up to eight cameras can be installed in the academy together with wall mounted plasma monitors or projectors. Lighting systems can be designed and installed to complement camera systems.

  • Putting greens play an important part in the indoor academy and tailor-made modular greens or permanent greens can be installed.
  • No matter how big or small the space, as long as you can swing a golf club we can help make the most of your space for an academy.

Contact us and we will visit for an on-site survey free of charge.

More Details

No matter how big or small the space, as long as you can swing a golf club we can help make the most of your space for an academy. Please download our products and prices PDF for more ideas on how we can help you with your indoor facility. Contact us if you want to discuss what we can do for your golf academy or if you would like to know more about golf academy technology in general.

Case Studies

Retractable Screen Installed at West Hove Golf Club. November 11, 2018

Ryan Fenwick PGA has had a new studio built at West Hove Golf Club and it has a roller shutter to it. Ryan is investing in Trackman and wanted a screen that was retractable across the roller shutter that could be projected onto it when the weather is bad. This… Read more

How does Putting Work on a Golf Simulator? August 26, 2018

We get asked this question every day at Golf Swing Systems so I thought I’d write a blog on this subject. Putting with all the simulators is off the teemat you are hitting from. This is because mot sensors are looking at that position for ball strike and its easier… Read more

Putting with The Golf Club Game and SkyTrak Golf simulator May 18, 2018

How does SkyTrak do putting? Is the question we get asked on a regular basis. So we have put a little video together showing exactly how this works. We have used the Golf Club Game Software for this demonstration in our demo facility in Cranleigh, Surrey.   Read more

GC Quad Garage Installation for a private client in Crewe. February 10, 2018

Our client had purchased a Foresight Sports GCQuad and was looking for golf simulator enclosure in his double garage in Crewe. We came up and showed some of our previous installations and made a suggestion of the Home Golf Simulator enclosure and screen. We manufacture these to the size required.… Read more

Trackman at Sunningdale Heath
New Custom Fit and Coaching Academy at Sunningdale Heath Golf Club for Kristian Baker PGA December 16, 2017

Kristian came to Golf Swing Systems after seeing our work at Callaway Golf’s fitting center at Chessington. Wanting to setup his own fitting and coaching studio at Sunnindale Heath Golf Club we helped Kristian setup his studio with the right measurements, lighting and power requirements. Wanting this to be a… Read more

Trackman TruGolf E6 Simulator
Trackman Tru Golf E6 Installation for Private Client in Surrey October 22, 2017

Our Client contacted us after seeing our work via the website. Living out of the UK for long periods of time, our client gave instructions to look at his house in Surrey and the look at the possibility of installing a golf simulator in the basement of the house. Seeing… Read more

Golf Simulator Cabin
Pyecombe Golf Club’s New SkyTrak Golf Cabin. October 5, 2017

Mike Ovett, PGA Professional at Pyecombe Golf Club and Hassocks Golf Club asked Golf Swing Systems to come in and look at a possible space for a new coaching studio at Pyecombe Golf Club. Having previously worked for Mike before installing his studio at Hassocks Golf Club we were the… Read more

Golf Simulator Cabin in the back garden. June 28, 2017

Our customer had seen our work on various projects online and just needed to know the ideal dimensions for a cabin. We provided a quote and then very quickly installed for him. This particular cabin was 6M Deep, 3.3M high dropping to 3M at the back and 5M wide giving… Read more

Billy Byrne on the SkyTrak Golf Simulator at The NEC Birmingham for the CEF Live 2017 Event. June 12, 2017

We were hired by Scolmore Group for the CEF Live event at the NEC Birmingham for 3 days. Our brief was to run a nearest the pin competition and data grab for Scolmore. We had over 500 people use the system over the 3 days at the event and this gave… Read more

Carly Booth LPGA
Golf Simulator Hire at Silverstone Race Track for Aston Barclay with Carly Booth June 7, 2017

  Aston Barclay asked Golf Swing Systems if they could hire our SkyTrak Golf Simulator out for the day for the CDX17 event. Aston Barclay are one of the sponsors of Carly Booth who was there to set the nearest the pin challenge. Challenge was nearest the pin over 127 Yards… Read more

New TrackMan Studio for Walton Heath Golf Club March 27, 2017

The world famous Walton Heath Golf Club, being the Ryder Cup venue in 1981 and having such famous members such as Edward Prince of Wales in 1935, Winston Churchill and the British Open Champion James Braid, needed to have a bit of an upgrade in their Swing Studio. Current professional… Read more

New Golf Simulator for MB Golf Shop at Donnington Valley Golf Club March 27, 2017

Martin Balfour Head Professional at Donnington Valley Golf Club had the Foresight Sports GC2 Launch Monitor. Wanting to make the most of his purchase Martin wanted to use it with a projector and screen. Having a huge space in the shop, Martin invited us in to take a look and… Read more

SkyTrak Golf Simulator
SkyTrak Golf Installation in Marbella Spain for a Private Customer. February 2, 2017

At the beginning of January Golf Swing Systems started a project for a private client in Marbella Spain. This project had been in the making for the past 18 Months with designs forwarded to us by architects as this was a new build house. Our client first saw the SkyTrak… Read more

SkyTrak Golf Simulator Enclosure
Golf Swing Systems launches US site January 6, 2017

Golf Swing Systems is proud to announce that we have launched a brand new site to cater for customers in the United States. You can view the new site at this address: http://www.bestgolfsimulatorenclosures.com/. If you live in the USA and you are interested in having a home golf simulator or… Read more

Trackman Golf Simulator
Trackman Golf Simulator for a private client in Wimbledon December 30, 2016

Our client living in Wimbledon having had lessons on a TrackMan system wanted one for his home. Not having a lot of time to practice TrackMan provided him with all the data needed and together with TruGolf E6 allowed him to play full rounds of golf as well. Trackman now… Read more

Reddlibbets Golf Club New Golf Studio October 16, 2016

Jay Kelly PGA recently took over the position of Head Professional at Redlibbetts Golf Club. Knowing that Winter is Coming, Jay was keen to get an indoor room with the SkyTrak system as soon as possible. Jay called Golf Swing Systems and we came over for a look. Showing us… Read more

Basement SkyTrak Golf Simulator September 20, 2016

Wanting SkyTrak and the Golf Club Software our customer came to us wanting the Home Golf Simulator enclosure, artificial turf and the Tee Turf hitting mat. With a limited amount of space we supplied a 3M wide x 2.5M high x 1M deep enclosure with a 2M X 2M Tee… Read more

Sky Sports SkyTrak Install
SkyTrak Simulator and Enclosure install for Sky Sports Head Office May 12, 2016

Check out the SkyTrak golf simulator and enclosure Golf Swing Systems installed in the reception of Sky Sports Head Office.  We were contacted by the Sky Sports team a week before the start of The Masters to see if we could create a simulator space using SkyTrak which would really… Read more

Home Garage SkyTrak Simulator Installation. May 3, 2016

A customer came to us wanting SkyTrak to play in his garage. It needed to be retractable so we came up with the solution of the screen and 2 sides curtains on High Tension Wire. With some hard wearing artificial turf our customer can drive the car right in without… Read more

SkyTrak Enclosure
Jude Read Joins The Kent Golf Academy March 22, 2016

Jude Read PGA has joined the Kent Golf Academy based in Ashford Kent headed by Howard Bonaccorsi. Golf Swing Systems were first called in by Howard in 2013 when he decided to coach indoors using a GC2 system. We supplied the academy with an enclosure and netting together with an artificial… Read more