For Golf Academies

Golf Swing Systems Ltd can design and install all the equipment needed for a successful custom fitting and video analysis studio using cSwing or V1 video coaching software and other golf swing technology such as Trackman, SkyTrak,GC2, GCQuad, FlightScope and a variety of Body Motion Systems including the BodiTrak which records Balance, Weight and Centre of Pressure (COP) and Smart2Move.

Our clients include Callaway Golf, we installed their custom fit studio in Chessington,  Gavin Hay Custom Lab Golf, Kristian Baker at Sunningdale Heath, Stoke Park Golf Academy, Howard Bonacorrsi Kent Golf Academy and many more which we would love to mention.


Kent Golf Academy

Custom Golf LabCustom Golf Lab

Up to eight cameras can be installed in the academy together with wall mounted plasma monitors or projectors. Lighting systems can be designed and installed to complement camera systems.

  • Putting greens play an important part in the indoor academy and tailor-made modular greens or permanent greens can be installed.
  • No matter how big or small the space, as long as you can swing a golf club we can help make the most of your space for an academy.

Contact us and we will visit for an on-site survey free of charge.

More Details

No matter how big or small the space, as long as you can swing a golf club we can help make the most of your space for an academy. Please download our products and prices PDF for more ideas on how we can help you with your indoor facility. Contact us if you want to discuss what we can do for your golf academy or if you would like to know more about golf academy technology in general.

Case Studies

Golf Studio Cabin Installation at the New Forest Golf Club

Michael Lord PGA Professional at the New Forest Golf Club came to us in November 2018 with the idea for a cabin outside the clubhouse and Pro Shop. The design of the cabin had to be in keeping with other buildings at the course as this is an area of oustanding natural beauty....Read more

Royal Eastbourne Golf Club’s New Trackman Golf Studio.

Mark Packard and Anthony Killik are the PGA Professionals at Royal Eastbourne Golf Club taking over in September 2018. On taking over they were keen to get an indoor studio up and running as quickly as possible....Read more

New Trackman 4 Launch Monitor and Golf Simulator at Golf Swing Systems.

Golf Swing Systems Ltd always have pride in the fact that we offer our customers a quality experience when you come down for a demonstration. Having installed countless Trackman systems into clubs, custom fit centres and peoples homes, we thought it was time to get Trackman into our demo room so you can find out for yourselves what system suits you and your budget....Read more

The Bradley Preston Golf Studio at Epping Golf Club.

Bradley Preston PGA Professional, needed an indoor studio at Epping Golf Club. After doing some research Bradley came to Golf Swing Systems for some advice....Read more

Artificial or real? Which putting green is right for you?

While it may seem like a luxury landscaping feature, having your very own backyard putting green can be a great way of improving your game. If you’re looking for a relaxing way to wind down your evenings, or if you’re a dedicated golfer determined to take some strokes off your short game, installing a putting green could be a great move....Read more

The Ultimate Mancave

We really do see some odd shape rooms  on our travels but this one required the tape measure to be spot on. Our customer wanted an extension to a barn for the ultimate ManCave so he contacted us to see what we could come up with....Read more

Trackman Simulators at Precision Golf Weybridge

Precision Golf wanted a simulator bay design at their custom fitting workshop in Weybridge. Looking at their colour schemes in the current work shop we came up with the grey faux leather design for the timber built bays....Read more

Retractable Screen Installed at West Hove Golf Club.

Ryan Fenwick PGA has had a new studio built at West Hove Golf Club and it has a roller shutter to it.Ryan is investing in Trackman and wanted a screen that was retractable across the roller shutter that could be projected onto it when the weather is bad....Read more

How does Putting Work on a Golf Simulator?

We get asked this question every day at Golf Swing Systems so I thought I'd write a blog on this subject.Putting with all the simulators is off the teemat you are hitting from....Read more

Putting with The Golf Club Game and SkyTrak Golf simulator

How does SkyTrak do putting? Is the question we get asked on a regular basis. So we have put a little video together showing exactly how this works.We have used the Golf Club Game Software for this demonstration in our demo facility in Cranleigh, Surrey....Read more