ES14 Portable Launch Monitor

The ES14 Launch Monitor is a golf tool for teaching professionals, club fitters and serious golfers. This amazing tool provides critical information instantly, yet it’s easy to use and very affordable. ES14TRAY

Come and explore the next level in Launch Monitor technology!

Enhance the teaching experience with breakthrough golf swing monitor technology.

Get Instant Audible Feedback and the ability to Practice as a Pro.



Top Golf Professionals and manufactures now using the ES14 as part of their coaching and club fitting programs include:

Alistair Tresidder Sherborne Golf Club, Adam Bishop Adam Bishop Golf Phil Smith Wilson Golf 

Heath Teschner Romsey Golf Club Clive Staddon Chandlers Ford Golf Academy

Create more interest in improving customer’s game.

AC or Battery operated.

Resume previous session.

App available on Android and for iPad and iPhone

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ES14 Launch Monitor video

Statistics To Improve Your Game

Measure Ball Speed, Smash Factor and Back Spin together with Club Speed, Launch Angle and Distance. ES14 display screen The smartphone app connects directly with your ES14 device via Bluetooth, giving you the ability to track and analyze your practice sessions. Once you hit a ball, the speed and distance are displayed on the LCD screen of the ES14 launch monitor while the information is also displayed and stored on your smartphone. Programmable options include:

  • Altitude settings, Yards or meters, Loft settings
  • Carry or total distance, Customizable LCD display
  • Select length of idle time

Smartphone App Features

Smartphone app showing scorecard sharingRange Sessions – start new sessions or joing an existing session Session Logs – allows the fitter to view olde sessions. Club Averages – records sessions ans gives an average. Change Settings Visual Tutorial – showing you how to use the app.

Range Sessions, Session Logs and Club Averages

Session logsConnect phone with ES14 launch monitor via Bluetooth. Select club and choose Range Session. After completion, view saved data in Session Logs. You can view data for each range session. View historical data and club averages.

App available on Android and for iPad and iPhone


Custom Fitting App Now available.

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