Par 2 Pro SQ HD Golf Simulator Screen Material and Archery Screen Material

From £4.99

SQ HD Material or Fine Weave Archery net.

We can manufacture the screens to any size and shape with eyelets.

Perfect with products like the Optishot Golf SimulatorSkyTrak  or just for practice in the garage.

  • Ideal for temporary or permanent use.
  • Price is per Square Metre and includes VAT & Duty
  • Retractable Track & Trolley systems available for Sports Halls
  • Free Delivery 7-10 working days.
  • Contact for technical enquiries.
  • Please state Height and Width of screen when ordering.
  • Please state if eyelets are required all the way around or just along the top and down the sides on order.

Simple Archery Screen from a track.

Archery Netting on a Retractable Track & Trolley System



 HD Projection Screens for Enclosures or Screen and Curtain systems.

Par 2 Pro SQ HD Screen Material vs Archery Screen Material :-


  • Super Quiet
  • Low Bounce-back
  • No Backstop Required
  • Bright White Screen
  • High Definition Picture
  • Extremely Durable
  • Lightweight
  • 50mm Loop Velcro on Sides and Top Edges
  • Eyelets 300mm
  • Commercial Grade.
  • 2.7M High



Email or call +44 (0) 1483 266679 for a full quotation.

Retractable Track and Galvanised angle Installations

We can manufacture a golf simulator projection screen to any size or shape with eyelets, velcro and / or pelmets. Perfect for use with products such as Optishot2, SkyTrak , Mevo+ & Trackman4 . Perfect for practice in a garage, house or cabin.

If you are looking to install your own system in to a spare room, garage or garden cabin we can provide the following fitting solution.

Firstly the screen should be 300mm off the back wall you are hitting into. To tighten and secure the screen we use galvanized angle as pictured below.

 Par 2 Pro SQ HD Golf Simulator Screen














We then secure the angle to the walls floor and ceiling and cable tie the screen with about 100mm gap between the walls, floor and ceiling. This provides tension for the screen.

So if wall to wall you have 4M width the screen would be 3.8M and if you have 3M height the screen would be 2.8M

We have velcro sewn in all around the edge of the screen that the curtains can then attach to at the sides.

We provide pelmets that velcro to the top and bottom and a velcro is secured to the ceiling and floor protecting the galv angle.

Why you need pelmets for the screen.



Archery Netting

Retractable screen and side curtains on a Track and Trolley system.















Track, Trolleys and clips.                                                                                                                                                                                                        Easy to retract and insert into the Track.


Retractable screen with track, trolleys and clips.

Archery Screen Material

We use the finest weave of archery material which has the smallest holes. This provides both durability for custom fit centers such as Callaway’s head office, Golf Shops and golf academies and a great quality of projection picture.

Par 2 Pro SQ HD Golf Simulator Screen

Archery Screen Material

We can bespoke make screens for garage home simulators with black side curtains on a high tension wire or track system.

Par 2 Pro SQ HD Golf Simulator Screen

Having your projection screen on a track or high tension wire makes the whole enclosure retractable.

Par 2 Pro SQ HD Golf Simulator Screen

Or we can supply Sports Hall Tracking with Trolleys

Getting the right Archery Material is essential for a great projection picture so why leave it to chance.

We only manufacture to the highest standards giving great projection quality and durability.

Please contact us on +44(0)1483 266 679 or +44(0)7966382413 and give us the sizes that you need or email and we will quote you right away.

Can be used for all golf netting applications. Colours are Green and White. Black Side curtains are also available.

Can be used outside and is weather proof.

Archery Screen Material Archery Screen



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