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Quickly and Easily Improve Your Game with INSTANT Feedback after Every Swing With the SwingSmart Golf Analyzer and FREE SwingSmart app for iPod/iPhone/iPad and Android devices you’ll have an easy tool to quickly improve your golf swing anywhere, anytime.

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SwingSmart Golf Analyser

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SwingSmart Golf Analyser

Swing It!

Attach the sensor module to the underside of the shaft on any golf club. Take a swing, and before your ball drops, SwingSmart has analyzed your complete swing motion.

See It!

Get INSTANT feedback on your iPad or iPhone for every swing! See four critical statistics – Tempo, Attack Angle, Swing Speed and Face Angle – and a unique 3-D view that shows the path of your golf swing from any angle.

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Fix It

Save your “Best” swing and COMPARE stats to any other swing to learn what’s different and how you can improve. Even e-mail your swing to an instructor for additional feedback!

Invented by Golfers for Golfers

  • You get the important information you really need to make key improvements to your golf swing – with no distractions. It’s the secret to improving your golf swing!
  • Works with every club in your bag – including putter – to match “feel” with “real.” Tthe latest technology combined with proven instruction to help you play better.

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