TOMI Putting System

The TOMI Putting System is the latest in putter technology.

The system measures stroke characteristics, which enables the coach to simply and effectively identify Stroke Faults.

Right: TOMI system [laptop not included]Tomi Professional Putting System

TOMI records critical parameters of your putting stroke in real-time. You view the data on your laptop and TOMI shows you what you’re doing right, and shows you what you’re doing wrong, tells you how to fix it, and even gives you the drills you need to become a great putter.

TOMI is just like having a personal, world-class putting instructor whenever you need it. You’ll see a huge improvement after just one lesson.



The TOMI system analyzes the player’s performance by measuring critical parameters that define a good or poorly executed stroke:

Tomi Putting

Professional TOMI

For the Club Pro, you can’t teach putting at the highest level without this system.

Recommended for indoor use.


  • USB Camera Receiver Unit
  • Infrared Transmitter Clip
  • 8-foot USB Cable
  • Shock- & Moisture-Resistant Carrying Case
  • Tomi Instructional Software CD
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Link to Online Tutorial Training
  • 2 AAA Lithium Batteries
  • Extra Transmitter Clip O-rings

Tomi Professional Putting System

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Tomi Professional Putting SystemTomi Professional Putting System

TOMI Professional Putting System

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