5 accessories to boost your golf simulator experience

One of the reasons we love golf so much is the variety of challenges we face on any given course. In fact, each hole represents its own unique challenge and with no two rounds being the same, each time you step onto the course you never quite know what to expect.

Despite the challenge, we know that the more hours we put into practising, the more we increase our chances of shooting lower scores and winning golf games or competitions. A golf simulator is a great way to start honing those skills on its own but with these upgrades, you can maximise the enjoyment you get when practising.

1. A putting green

In some ways, golf is one of the simplest sports in the world; get your ball in the hole in as few shots as possible. It gets complicated by us as we try to negotiate the course but the end goal is the same and putting that little ball in the hole is all that matters.

So, when improving your golf game with a simulator it can be difficult to hone the final moment of securing a putt. However, with the addition of an indoor putting green, you can enjoy the complete golfing experience.

Whether it’s improving your putting accuracy or increasing the level of immersion, indoor putting greens are available in a range of options. From simple putting mats to tilted greens that perfectly replicate the undulations of a real course, you can use an indoor putting system to vastly reduce your scores.

2. Upgrading your hitting mat

Simulators offer amazing shot analysis and feedback that helps to improve your understanding of your game and act as a virtual coach to enhance your skills. But to make them feel more realistic it’s important to upgrade your hitting mat to one that more accurately replicates how striking a ball feels through your club.

Consider a Combi Mat Golf System that allows you to reproduce the ball’s lie on your virtual course. Shanked your shot into the rough stuff? In reality, that means difficult conditions so a more advanced hitting mat also better tests and improves your recovery skills.

3. Golf club rack

Lugging a golf bag around the course can be a chore but when playing on your simulator you don’t have to replicate absolutely everything we do in the real world. A golf club rack is a perfect way to enhance your simulator experience by laying out your clubs in one convenient location.

Now you don’t have to rummage around in your bag for the ideal iron – you can have the whole set on display for ease of use. Furthermore, a golf club rack will let you organise your simulator room, ensuring it is a peaceful and clutter-free shrine to golf.

4. Rubber tees

If you are looking to train your tee shots, you’re going to need a tee. But most hitting mats are not compatible with the regular tees we use for the golf course.

Instead, to ensure you get enough ground clearance when hitting your tee shots we recommend using rubber Golf Tees. These tees are durable, can be placed anywhere and perfectly replicate the feeling of hitting a shot from a wooden or plastic tee without damaging your mat.

5. Lighting

One of the advantages a golf simulator has over playing on a real course is that you can enjoy hitting shots at any time of the day. But many people overlook lighting when installing a golf simulator because the screen itself is a light source, albeit not necessarily a great one.

Some simulators rely on camera technology to track the flight of the ball but if the room isn’t adequately lit, it can impact the accuracy of your system. Furthermore, if you can’t see the ball very well or you have to squint to look around the rest of the room then it’s not going to be an enjoyable experience.

Consider installing several directional spotlights to ensure you have adequate light to create the best image possible and to maximise your simulator experience.

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