A Draw Shaped Simulator

When you think of a golf simulator, you think of a clean, straight lines with open spaces and high ceilings. In this Surrey project, this was not possible as the entire property is designed to avoid straight lines. With a consistent curved shape, this garage space demanded every element to be made on site, with cushions, frameworks and turf all cut to fit this uniquely shaped piece of architecture.

The Framework

In order to hang this custom shaped screen, a framework was required. In order to utilise the curves of the room, the screen has been hung within a 300mm stud wall frame which follows the angles and shapes created by the garage. This allowed the installation team to emphasise the unique look of this simulator. In addition, the team utilised an existing buttress to hang the impact curtains which will act as a protective barrier for the garage’s original use… car storage.

The Screen

At Golf Swing Systems we hate the idea of shoe-horning a screen into a space. When presented with so many angles the easy option is to use a standard size HD screen and to fill the space the unused space with cushioning. The safer and more attractive option however, is to make the screen, to fit the space perfectly. This is made possible by utilising Golf Swing Systems custom VISTA screen.


Trackman 4

Trackman is often praised for its accuracy in measuring various aspects of a golf shot, including ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, and more. Accurate data is crucial for golfers and instructors to make informed decisions about swing improvements. However, in such a unique space, the Trackman 4’s radar positioning (behind the golfer) is essential. There isn’t enough space to utilise a camera system like GCQuad or a ceiling based monitor like ProTee VX which means TM4 unlocks top on the range data, without the need for a cookie cutter space.

If you have an unusual space and want to explore designing a simulator, please feel free to contact your sales team here.

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