Don’t forget the driving range over the winter

Many golfers feel that their game begins to slip away from them over the winter. The colder weather naturally makes it harder to get out onto the course or to practice your game – this leads to a loss of form for many players and it can take them a long time before to return to their previous level when they do eventually head back to the course in the warmer months. Of course it is true that on some days it is simply too cold or the weather is too poor for you to go outside, but that doesn’t mean that you should write off the whole of the winter.

Remember that while it might not be practical to play on the course very often, the vast majority of driving ranges will be open and you easily get out to practice your long game. Getting down to the driving range every so often can be hugely beneficial, ensuring that your form doesn’t drop off too much and you continue to work on your game.

Naturally the smartest thing to do is check the weather carefully and take the opportunity to get out there whenever possible. There are still plenty of days of the winter that are perfectly suitable for driving, so if you see a chance, go for it.

Clubs understand that the winter isn’t the most popular time for the driving range but many offer heated stalls and other helpful features that you can take advantage of. If the weather is cold but the air is relatively still and there’s little chance of rain, there’s no reason why you can’t put on warm clothes and spend some time on the range.

If you need that little extra motivation to get out on the driving range this winter there are plenty of gadgets that you can you use to help you work on your game. Use an ES12 Launch Monitor to track your shots to help you understand more about the areas that you need to improve. This is a highly accurate device that measures the speed, accuracy and distance of your shot, and can even offer you advice for which club to use and more.

Alternatively, you can practice using the Eyeline Golf Speed Trap. This device helps you to perfect your swing, allowing you to hit straighter and longer every time. Simply lay it in front of your tee and it acts as a guide for your swing so that you learn to hit with the correct form. When you take the Speed Trap away, your form remains consistent and strong.

Spending time on the driving ranges with these tools will really play dividends when the spring rolls around and you can get back on out on the course. Don’t be put off by the bad weather – you will thank yourself for putting in the time.

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