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Don’t get rusty over winter

Winter is almost upon us and that means something unfortunate for golfers – unpleasant weather will undoubtedly keep them away from the course. It’s not surprising to learn that most golfers feel that their game diminishes over the winter simply due to the fact that they can’t get out and practice as often as they would like.

But don’t let that be your excuse; there are plenty of golfing training aids and practice equipment that can be used in the comfort of your own home without having to brave the winter air. Whether you’re looking for practice aids to help you maintain your game while the weather is cold or you’re searching for Christmas gift ideas for the golfer in your life, here is our guide to some of the best products available.

Chipping net

Chipping Net

Why not spend some time working on these little forgotten skills? One simple way to do this is to buy a chipping net. These can be set up and used indoors – just make sure they are tucked away from anything valuable to ensure that errant golf balls can’t break something. There is a large range of models available and it’s worth choosing one that has a number of different targets to aim at. This will allow you to develop your skills.

Putting mat

Putt N Hazard Putting Mat

Thanks to innovative new products, there’s no excuse to get out of practice with putting over the winter. You can buy putting practice mats that can be used in the house and allow you to work on your short game. It’s worth remembering that putting can be extremely therapeutic after a long day too, so not only is this something that would make a fantastic Christmas gift, they are also a golf practice aid that can be used all year round.

Orange Whip

Orange Whip

It is all well and good working on the functional aspects of your game with putting and chipping aids, but a major problem for golfers is finding that they have regressed in terms of their swing. Thankfully there are products that make it easy to stay sharp over the winter. One of the most popular is called the Orange Whip which has been designed with a counterweighting system so that it mimics the feel of a natural golf swing.

Available in a range of sizes, the Whip is perfect for everyone from beginners to very experienced players and it can be used anywhere that there is enough space to swing it.

Golf simulator

Golf Simulator

Finally, if you’re really serious about maintaining your game over the winter, then maybe it is time to invest in a golf simulator. It was once the case that the expense of a simulator was such that only golf clubs and the super-rich could realistically afford to have one. But advances in technically have brought simulators for down in price significantly. If you have a decent sized room in your house with enough space to swing a club, this can be easily converted.

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