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FlightScope Installation for a private customer in Liverpool.

Following a customer enquiry about golf nets and projection screens our customer in Liverpool wanted to turn their garage into a golf simulator studio.

We went up to visit and measured up , showing our customer several different options of nets, padding and work we have completed before.

We then suggested the right system for our customer that suited his ability and the size of the room. The system in this case was Flightscope as there was not enough room for other systems to operate effectively. We the manufacture the screen and protective pads on the side to the size required and supplied the roof netting as well. We also supplied the correct PC and projector to suit the quality of picture, play and system.

For the floor we put a putting turf down and a Pro Mat.

As well as the Flightscope software our customer also wanted the TruGolf E6 simulator software which links in with Flightscope.


Flightscope Install


Flightscope Install