Four Reasons to Choose a Golf Simulator Over The Driving Range

Four Reasons to Choose a Golf Simulator Over The Driving Range

Golf Simulator

Golf simulators have made huge advances in recent years. Once it was only possible to experience a state-of-the-art golf simulator at a major golfing facility of academy – now they are relatively affordable products that you can have installed at home.

But now that we have access to these golf simulators, it’s worth asking whether they can match the real thing in terms of golfing practice. Here are four ways that a golf simulator is superior to a driving range.

Learn with feedback

Using a driving range can be hugely valuable for practicing shots and working on the consistency of your swing. But if you are looking to improve the mechanics of your shot, just driving isn’t going to provide you with a lot of help. When you use a golf simulator you are given instant feedback on your shot – many simulators offer advice on how to improve your technique.

Products like the Optishot 2 provide you with swing analysis and stats that can help guide you to real advances in your game. Rather than simply repeating the same mistakes, you can correct your form and develop as a golfer.

Practice a range of skills

It’s great to go to the range to practice driving, but this does limit to working on this particular aspect of your game. This can lead many golfers to neglect putting in the work on the broad range of shots they need to become strong all-round players. But this isn’t a problem if you use a golf simulator.

Unlike the range, a golf simulator gives you the opportunity to practice almost any kind of shot from chips to fades. The highly accurate golf simulator technology makes it possible to train all of the different aspects of your game.

Golf Simulator

Train in all weathers

It is human nature that if the weather looks poor, we are less likely to want to visit a range and practice. If it starts to rain, no-one would blame you if you put off your session at the range for a nicer day. But the problem is that the next to time that you’re got a round scheduled and it’s a windy or randy day, you aren’t going to be used to playing in those conditions.

Weather can make a huge difference to your game, so it is important that you should train for these conditions. Golf simulators do a fantastic job of reproducing difficult weather, so you’ll be ready for it when you experience it on the court.

Work around your schedule

Naturally one of the drawbacks of practicing of the range is that you need to get there. Visiting a range requires committing a significant portion of time out of your day which can sometimes be inconvenient to arrange. With a home golf simulator you can practice any time of day, whenever it suits you. There’s no need to schedule in a time – simply get out your clubs and get swinging.