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Exputt is the latest in real-time putting simulator technology. Highly sophisticated and extremely accurate, Exputt also benefits from being very easy to use and, better yet, fun! Simply connect the camera to your TV and you can get started immediately.

The small putting mat is easy to store and the system is intuitive even for those completely new to golfing simulator technology. Exputt is then able to analyse your putting including the speed, the club face angle, the direction at the moment of impact, and even the entire putting path.




This makes it easy to work on your putting whilst getting feedback in order improve your technique and up your consistency.

Practice on a variety of slopes and greens to simulate the true experience of putting on a golf course, with tour level green speed conditions. The distance controls allow you to really work on both the long and short of your game. Exputt even simulates various weather conditions with different modes for spring, summer, autumn and winter.



This is the real-time putting simulator you have been looking for – fun, hassle free, innovative and accurate.

Exputt is designed to allow you to work on your putting game from the comfort of your home, taking on the challenge of various different slopes and greens in a range of seasons – simulating the true experience of putting on a golf course throughout the year.

From installing to playing, everything about Exputt is designed to be simple to use and fun to experience. With a camera that connects directly to your TV, it is as easy as installing and getting going in a matter of minutes.

The technology is extremely accurate, never estimating anything about your putting. Your shots are measured using comparative analysis from the ultra-high speed Exputt camera. Each stroke is precisely analysed to help you understand and improve consistency in your game.



What is included:

  • Exputt camera
  • Putting mat
  • Simulator software
  • Leads and cables

Exputt Putting System - Benefits

Exputt Putting System - Practice Summary

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