Swing stance

GO: At address, your body should be square to your target line.

Swing alignment

NO GO: Your shoulders should not be open or closed relative to your target line. This causes an inside or outside takeaway path.

Alignment is something that golfers of all skill levels struggle with, and is the first step to any good golf swing. If you can set up at address with proper alignment you’ve set yourself up for a successful golf swing, if you set up out of alignment you’ve set yourself up for failure. But how can you align more consistently for every golf shot you take? How do you align square to your target? With a Swing Align golf swing trainer of course! When wearing a Swing Align swing trainer, perfect alignment is a simple matter of looking down. The alignment rod across your upper body will show you where your body line is pointed, and an alignment rod on the ground will show both your target line and where your lower body is pointed, match the two and you’re in proper alignment and ready to make a good golf swing. Many golfers utilize ground alignment rods, but most problems in golf shot alignment happen with the upper body. Many golfers set up with their shoulders open or closed and don’t even know it. Even professional, and low handicap golfers are prone to improper alignment of the upper body. Thankfully, any misalignment will be immediately obvious when you put on your Swing Align and look down.

If you start the golf swing with your shoulders open there are several common swing errors that can occur. The first is your shoulders moving out and around instead of down. This causes the club to move away from the ball outside of your target line commonly causing you to slice the ball and lose power. Starting with your shoulders open can also cause a shorter backswing or lack of rotation or for your arms and body to become disconnected as you try to get the club back far enough. Starting with your shoulders too closed relative to your target line can cause you to take the club too far inside resulting in a swing that comes over-the-top which produces a pull or in the worst case a pull-slice. Starting closed also causes a swing that is too long and disconnected, which can result in a loss of power or increased miss-hits. Using the Swing Align swing trainer and starting the golf swing with your shoulders square eliminates many of these common faults. The best way to avoid hitting a slice in golf is to align properly at set up, and the best way to align properly at set up with with Swing Align!

Without someone to point out your upper body alignment for you it is very difficult, if not impossible, to see your own upper body alignment. Because of this, the Swing Align swing trainer solves one of the most common problems in golf! The classic solution for this problem was to have someone lay a club across your chest, creating a nice straight line for your eyes to follow. Unfortunately, when practicing we rarely have a second set of hands to help us out. Now, with Swing Align, you can accurately gauge your own body line without any other help whatsoever. This allows you to practice and drill your set up position as many times as you want, perfectly aligning every time, until setting up square at address becomes second nature. This transfers directly to your performance on the course and helps you make a better golf swing because, after some practice, the bright green Swing Align alignment rods remains in your visual memory – even when you are not wearing the swing training device. This is just one of many applications of both visual and muscle memory that Swing Align employs to improve your golf swing. Regular use of the device will instill multiple best practice swing mechanics into your golf swing without you even noticing. The connection belt will teach you to move your upper body together, keeping your arms and torso connected. The rods will help you rotate fully, making sure you get to the ideal position at the top of your backswing. These two mechanics alone will cause a cascade of good practices from your shoulders down to your hips.