Golf simulator vs driving range

Golf is a sport where practice makes perfect but the problem is there just aren’t enough hours in the day to master everything. Traditionally, a golfer looking to practise their swing or various difficult techniques went to the driving range to find their rhythm.

Now, golfers are faced with a conundrum: do they head to a driving range or do they invest in a simulator? Let’s look at the cases for golf simulators and the driving range to see which practice method is best for you.

Reasons to use the driving range

One of the great things about driving ranges is how accessible they are. You can rock up to the range, buy a bucket of balls for a reasonable sum of money and practise whichever shots you like. Unlike the practice ground at your local golf course, the driving range is open for longer hours which means you can continue to hit your shots even after the sun has disappeared.

You are also nicely sheltered from the elements and, given that golf is an outdoor game, protecting yourself from the wind and rain makes it much more enjoyable. But, that protective shield only extends as far as the tin roof of your driving range and the ball is still subjected to high winds and rain.

Golf simulators do offer a lot of technical analysis and feedback, all of which is constructive and useful to better your game. However, sometimes you just want to hit some shots and not have every millimetre scrutinised. At the range, you can simply hit shots, get a feel for the club in your hands and empty your head of any thoughts.

Where does the driving range fall short?

While there is nothing wrong with the driving range, it does offer a limited experience for golfers looking to improve their overall game. This is where a simulator has the edge because a huge selection of shots can be practised plus real-world courses can be virtually replicated to add variety. Any golfer looking to develop their game can do so much faster and more effectively using a simulator’s multi-functional analysis.

The benefits of a golf simulator

Thanks to the coaching tools available on many golf simulators, golfers can learn as much in half an hour as they might through a couple of hours of outdoor training. With so much shot analysis and feedback, from spin to speed and draw, a simulator can better comprehend where improvements are required.

At a driving range, you can see where your shot goes but interpreting where improvements can be made is up to you or a coach. That means you will need a greater understanding of your game and shots than you may have. After all, if you already knew what isn’t working then why would you need a coach to help you improve?

Simulators like TrackMan act as virtual coaches and players can see tangible improvements through the adjustments they make from such detailed feedback. Couple your virtual coach with a real-life coach and you may find your handicap dropping like a stone.

Convenience is king


You can enjoy using a golf simulator from the comfort of your own home, be that in a spare room, basement or Golf Swing Systems simulation cabin. After a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is to load your clubs into the boot, jump back in the car and drive to the range. With a simulator it’s just a case of flipping the switch and getting on with it, no travel necessary.

A golf simulator can even double up as a home cinema, providing additional value to your life and ensuring it can be enjoyed by the whole family! Its large screen and projector system allows for movie theater quality – all you need to do is bring the popcorn.

Golf simulators are an investment

Compared to the driving range, a golf simulator is a sizable investment. However, at Golf Swing Systems, you don’t have to buy your new golf simulator upfront – we offer finance that allows for payments in installments. This allows you to enjoy your golf simulator in manageable chunks, letting you focus on improving your game.

What you get for the investment is unrestricted access to play as much golf as you can handle. Despite all of a simulator’s benefits, sometimes there is no substitute for getting outside in the fresh air and just enjoying some golf. Fortunately, neither practice method is mutually exclusive and there is plenty of room for both in a golfer’s world.

Choosing a golf simulator with Golf Swing Systems

Here at Golf Swing Systems, we champion the simulator, of course. We offer a wide range of golf practice aids from Golf Simulator Bay Enclosures to SkyTrak Launch Monitors and practice nets. To enquire about installing a golf simulator in your home, get in touch via our contact page or call us on +44 (0)1483 266 679.

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