How Much Space Do You Need for a Golf Simulator?

Installing a golf simulator is an exciting investment for any golf enthusiast. But one of the first considerations is ensuring you have adequate space to accommodate the setup properly. Having insufficient room for your cutting-edge golf simulation system can seriously hamper its helpfulness and hinder your overall practice experience.

So how much space is truly needed for an optimal golf simulator setup? The short answer is that it depends on several factors. But with some careful planning and the right dimensions, you can maximise every square centimetre for your golf training, and perfect the elements of your game with razor-sharp precision and realism.

In this guide, we’ll cover all the key measurements to plan the perfect golf simulator room or golf garden studio tailored to your available space and needs. We’ll also spotlight Golf Swing Systems’ innovative golf simulators that can flex to fit a variety of room sizes.

Ideal Height for Golf Simulator System

Ceiling height is one of the most important dimensions for your golf simulator room. You need ample height to take full, unrestricted swings without impacting the ceiling with your golf club or ball.

Most experts recommend a minimum ceiling height of 2.6-2.8 metres (8.5-9 feet). While a 2.5-metre ceiling can work for some golfers, it leaves little margin for taller players or those using longer clubs like drivers. The last thing you want is an uneasy feeling that could impede your natural driving golf swing.

An optimal ceiling height of 3 metres or more gives you complete peace of mind that no obstructions will get in the way. This also allows plenty of room to accommodate golf screens, projectors, enclosures and other equipment you may need.

How Much Width Does a Golf Simulation System Need?

The width of your simulator space essentially dictates how much room you’ll have on both sides of the hitting area to take full, free-flowing swings, whether you’re a right-handed or left-handed golfer. Most recommendations suggest a minimum of 2.5 to 3 metres of total width to hit comfortably.

However, if you plan on positioning the hitting area in the centre to accommodate both right- and left-handed golfers, you’ll want at least 4.3 metres of total width. This gives ample space on either side for whichever way you swing.

Many Golf Swing Systems simulator packages are specifically designed to fit effortlessly into compact spaces 2.7-4.3 metres wide, including cutting-edge models like the TrackMan iO, Foresight Sports GC3 and FlightScope simulation systems. Their precision-engineered dimensions optimise every metre, offering an immersive and realistic experience to every user.

Remember Depth in Golf Simulation Setup

While width determines swing area, the overall depth of your golf simulator room has a major impact on shot trajectory, ball tracking accuracy and overall realism. This dimension essentially covers the distance from the tee to the impact screen or projector.

For an optimal simulation feel, you’ll want at least 4.5 metres (16 feet) of total depth. This allows enough distance for golf balls to travel normally without arcing or falling too soon before reaching the screen. It also gives ample room behind the hitting area for full, unrestricted swings. From the tee itself, you’ll want to make sure there is at least 2.5 metres of distance to the golf simulator screen.

Plan for Essential Golfing Equipment and Extras 

Alongside the simulation enclosure itself, don’t forget to account for space needed for essential simulator components like launch monitors, hitting nets, mats, projectors and training aids.

Many Golf Swing Systems simulator packages thoughtfully integrate these components into one cohesive, space-optimised design. Our team of golf simulation experts can also create custom floorplans tailored to your exact room dimensions and desired feature set.

Explore Golf Garden Studios from Golf Swing Systems

From compact simulation systems in garages or basements to sprawling purpose-built golf garden studios, Golf Swing Systems has flexible simulator solutions that maximise every centimetre of available space to give you the best possible golf training experience.

Explore Golf Swing Systems’ unmatched selection of industry-leading simulators and training today. With our guidance and innovative products, turning any room into your ideal golf training simulator space is unquestionably par for the course.

Any questions about setting up a bespoke golf simulator? Contact one of our experts today.

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