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Tools to perfect your alignment on the golf course

Following Patrick Reed’s success taking his first major title at the Masters 2018, many golfers will have been inspired to get out on the course to work on their game. And with the weather beginning to warm up and the sunshine coming out for the spring, now is the perfect time to begin tuning up your game to get ready for the rounds.

One of the most critical aspects of golf is undoubtedly alignment, but is something that can be somewhat overlooked by amateur players. Most golfers understand that it is important to line yourself up correctly with your target, but it is still common to see even experienced players with problems with their alignment.

You need to stand, aim and target the correct part of the course, be it the flag or another area of the course – for example when avoiding obstacles. But many players develop bad habits with their alignment, usually to attempt to overcome weaknesses in their game. For example, if a player has a tendency to slice their shot they may change their alignment so the shot ends up in the correct place. But this is a bad idea, and it is much better to eliminate the flaw from your game (as this will only be made worse with poor alignment).

Thankfully there are multiple products available that can help you to correct any faults in your alignment – even those that are very minor – which can ultimately have a fantastic effect on your overall game. So if you are looking to improve one a fundamental aspects of your game, this can be a great way to do so.

Callaway Alignment Sticks not only help you to visualise and perfect the proper alignment, they also train you for the correct swing path on your shots. The sticks can be used in multiple ways to provide you with help with your posture and positioning, with multiple configurations available.

You might also be interested in the Alignment Pro. This is a multifunctional alignment aid and known as the first 3D alignment tool, offering a broader variety of exercises and training methods that aren’t always possible with traditional alignment sticks.

No matter which tool you are using, this is a very important aspect of your game that can pay real dividends out on the course.

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