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What is the best golf simulator money can buy?

Golf simulators have become an essential practice tool for golfers of all levels. They are a great way to keep your swing in shape when you can’t get to the course and a vital improvement tool to work on specific aspects of your game. From chipping onto the green to enjoying a virtual round at TPC Sawgrass, simulators offer it all.

Golf is a game filled with constantly advancing equipment, with the technology used for clubs and balls, in particular, always developing. This can lead to a disparity between the top end and more accessible equipment, so it’s not a huge surprise that golf simulators are no different. Some are simple launch monitors while others are fully-fledged golf simulators that have all the bells and whistles. But what is the best golf simulator money can buy?

The simulator of choice for the pros

The simplest way of figuring out who makes the best golf simulator is to take a look at what the professionals are using. Many elite players have installed a TrackMan at home because of what this model offers them.

In terms of feedback and accuracy of ball flight, few golf simulators can rival TrackMan. For that reason, it is the most used indoor launch monitor for pros, coaches and custom fitters. TrackMan’s launch monitor assesses ball data and club head data to provide a realistic feeling to your shots. It can even be used to hone your putting stroke, but that’s just the beginning.

Feeling like you are stepping onto the course

For many golfers, there is no substitute for getting out on the course and knocking the ball around. However, the TrackMan simulator offers an immersive experience thanks to its incredible graphics. The hyper-realistic visuals and unrivalled functionality make for an amazing golfing experience away from the course.

What’s even better is that your TrackMan simulator is available all year, there’s no tee time rush and you can take as long as you like. With so many real-life courses to choose from, you can improve your game while tackling some of the most famous golfing destinations in the world.

Bang for your buck

Installing a TrackMan golf simulator and launch monitor starts from £17,900 but can increase if you want to commit to a fully-fledged golf simulator cabin.

For that investment, though, you get cutting edge golf simulator technology:

  • Online tournaments
  • Club fitting software
  • Swing video software
  • Over 100 courses
  • Skill challenges
  • Accurate and fast information on screen
  • Offers a complete home setup
  • Multi-sensor technology
  • Easy setup
  • Lightweight and portable

It’s hard to grow tired of the TrackMan golf simulator because of everything it offers. You can test your skills against your fellow golfers with online tournaments and skill challenges or use the club fitting software to get the most from your equipment. Games include closest to the pin, bullseye and capture the flag.

The dual radar, multi-sensor technology records swing speed, launch angle, ball flight and spin rate. All that information presents itself accurately and promptly on your TrackMan simulator screen. TrackMan features an app that gives you access to all your shot data to offer comprehensive insights into how well your game is developing.

The easy setup feature makes the TrackMan accessible to golfers with just a basic technical understanding. As the device itself is lightweight, it can easily be transported which makes it perfect for coaches taking it to various golf exhibitions. With regular software updates and courses added to the library, TrackMan is ideal for nights in with friends, year-round coaching and helping your kids improve.

Alternative high-end golf simulator

Golfzon Vision Simulator

In truth, many high-end golf simulators are worth investing in. Why pick just one when there are several contenders that all deserve a mention? The Full Swing Golf Simulator is endorsed by some of the biggest names in the sport, and it’s what Tiger Woods has used on his road to recovery in the past.

Another big fan of the Full Swing system is three-time major winner Jordan Spieth. With a multi-swing functionality, gaming mode and cinema-quality projector, it is one of the best golf simulators money can buy, especially considering a price tag of over £70,000.

Other honourable mentions include the Foresight and Golfzon simulators.

Looking for a more affordable golf simulator?

Not everyone has the budget to drop over £20,000 setting up their very own golfing palace, but there are still high-quality options available for a more modest budget. The SkyTrak golf simulator offers some of the best value for money.

It is regarded as one of the finest home golf simulators on the market and puts up a good fight against top-end coaching and commercial simulators. There is a wide range of data available, and the accuracy of shots makes the SkyTrak one of the best golf launch monitors and simulators around.

Here at Golf Swing Systems, we specialise in installing launch monitors and golf simulators. If you would like to find out more about installing a golf simulator in your home, get in touch!

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