cSwingcSwing is an advanced video swing analysis program for keen golfers and golf professionals. It captures video from your camera to your PC. You can easily analyze your swing with its powerful drawing and comparison tools.

  • Seeing your swing alongside Pro swings provides immediate visual feedback that will result in lower scores. We offer easy-to-use, full-featured software available by download or on DVD.
  • We give you a complete suite of tools and pro swings to help you or your students improve.
  • We also sell a cSwing Software, Laptop and Camera Package – get started straight away!
  • We also have Two Camera option, using cSwing into a PC System » cSwing Two Camera Package

Capture Screen Video

cSwing Golf Video Analysis


This screenshot shows that you can get a clear picture of the club at impact using a DV camcorder and capture it with cSwing. The first image shows Murray Van Gundy using a 7 iron.

Using the drawing tools you can see how much the head and body move on the takeaway. Murray’s head hasn’t moved much from address. The second image shows the top of his backswing with a 9-iron.

Murray Van Gundy using a 7 ironcSwing screenshot

You can compare two or more golfers at one time and configure the swing windows in many different ways to suit your needs. You can scroll the swings in all the open windows at once by rolling the mouse wheel. The image (left, below) illustrates the difference at top of the backswing between J.P. and Murray.

The full screen mode allows you to concentrate on the swing while providing access to the most commonly used tools. This picture (right, below) shows the position at impact for 2002 PGA Champion Rich Beem who, at 5′ 8″, is able to drive the ball 300+ yards.

Backswing comparison between J.P. and MurraycSwing screenshot

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