Boston Golf Alignment Ball


The Boston Golf Alignment Ball

Improve your putting
Become a consistent golfer
Improve your alignment
Become more accurate
Build confidence and have fun




The Boston Golf Alignment Ball is a ‘two in one’ practice aid.

It’s a putting and alignment aid. The alignment ball is a new golf training aid to help golfers improve their whole game.

It gives you the feedback you need to line up your putter face properly before every putt. Start you putt on the correct line for undulating greens. For straight putts the ball is centred under the string.

The alignment ball will help you check your alignment and improve you short game and accuracy.  Place on the ground to make a single line or parallel lines. Set up you body and club head to face the same direction as the line.

Soft Touch Rubber Shell
Compact diameter 7.5cm / 2.9in Magnetic open / close feature Extendable to 5m / 16’5” po Automatic Winder.

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