Eagle Putt Putting Turf

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Eagle Putt is a 16mm tightly woven polypropylene turf, with 40 stitches per 10cm and approx 80,000 stitches per m2. Perfect for all standard golfers to practice their putting game. Eagle has a stimp meter reading of 10.

Minimum order is 1M x 4M, which is the roll width, and increments of one metre, i.e. 1M x 4M, 2M x 4M, 3M x 4M, etc.

Contact +44(0)1483 266 679 or sales@golfswingsystems.co.uk for more information and a free sample.



Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Product application:
Golf Greens
Pile height mm ±5%: 16
Gauge: 3/16″
Production method (DIN61151): Tufted
Stitches for 10 cm +/-1: 40
Stitches for m2 approx: 84,000
Total weight gr/m2 +/-5%: 2,912
Water permeability (P 90107requirements>63 l/h):
60 litre/min
Composition: PE Monofilament straight & PP
Monofilament curled
Stimp meter reading: 10
Blade Type: Curled
Colour: 2-Tone
Primary backing: 100 % Polypropylene
Primary backing weight: gr/m2 +/- 8% 120 gr/m2
Backing: Latex
Backing weight: gr/m2 +/-10% 1,083 gr/m2
UV stability: 10 years

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