Swing Caddie 2019 SC300 Golf Portable Launch Monitor/Training Aid


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  • Measures
  • » Carry/Total Distance
  • » Smash Factor
  • » Launch Angle
  • » Swing Speed
  • » Apex (Max Height)
  • » Ball Speed
  • Backspin on the app
  • Doppler Radar Technology
  • Voice Output of Distance
  • Instant Feedback via LCD Display
  • Adjustable Loft Angles
  • Apps (iOS Available, Android- Available in June 2019)  for Real-time/Integrated Shot Data and Statistics for Each Club



The Big Brother to the Swing Caddie SC200. The SC300 carries more sophistication with more accuracy in the hardware and allows you to save data in the IOS app. It’s been  a couple of years coming but well worth the wait. Easy to set up, extremely lightweight and easy to read. This is the latest in our range of launch Monitors that are great for use at the range, garden or indoors.

Using the latest in Doppler radar technology, and calibrating atmospheric pressure sensors, the SC300 provides uncompromised precision. SC300 connects directly to a personal phone
or tablet via Bluetooth allowing golfers to track their real-time, integrated data. Voice output of distance and remote control provides the highest levels of user convenience.

SC300 Launch Monitor
Remote Control
USB Cable Charger
User Manual

Tech Specs

Tech Specs


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