A Practice Den that even Tour Pros will envy! Golf Simulator install guide!

How do you convert a garage into a golfer’s paradise? In this case, you take a standard height garage ceiling, and raise it to 3m. This is no easy task but the Golf Swing Systems installation team were well up to the task. After an engineering review the garage walls insulated and plastered, the ceilings were raised and the shell of the practice room was ready to go. All within 3 weeks of the start work date, the Golf Swing Systems install team had rebuilt and repurposed the space into what we call a studio.

If you were looking to set up a practice den in your newly remodelled practice den, what would be your checklist? You need to satisfy three main requirements. A launch monitor, to track your shots and provide the data you need to improve. A hitting surface to give you real time feedback on your shots. And finally you need a screen and projector so all of this data is clearly visible.

1. The Launch Monitor

When you are setting up a golf simulator, the beating heart of the project is your choice of launch monitor. The options are quite varied these days. Trackman, SkyTrak, Mevo+ and the Garmin R10 for example, are all able to provide a huge variety of data to improve your swing. In order to build a setup to rival even a professional’s practice den, you need the cream of the crop.

Trackman 4 is the latest offering from Trackman, and stands as the go to launch monitor for world’s best players. Trackman 4 is technologically advanced, super accurate and simple to use. By giving you every data parameter you could need, the Trackman 4 unit helps you to improve faster. Combining its incredible optical tracking abilities with it doppler radar, Trackman offers a complete solution. The Trackman 4 is able to display and track any shot from a short putt to 400 yard drives, all with 3D trajectory in real time.

2. A Hitting surface

When you practice the turf you hit off can greatly influence the feedback you get during the session. If the mat is too firm, fat shots can be disguised by the bounce of the club. Too spongey and the mat can rob you of some distance, creating a disparity between your shots on the course and the shots in your simulator. If the goal is a practice facility to be the envy of the golf club, then the True Strike Golf Mats are the place to start.

The TrueStrike golf mat is designed to last and react like turf when hit, allowing golfers a realistic practice experience. TrueStrike’s “ruckable” top surface and a gel-filled divot simulating subsurface, accurately recreates the effects of playing off a natural fairway by allowing the club head to play through the playing surface as it would on turf. In this beauty of a practice facility, surrounding the True Strike Mat is Eagle Putting Turf. This is not just for the visuals. It saves the balls when they hit the floor, adds a layer of safety to avoid bouncing golf balls and even offers a practice surface that rolls at 10 on the stimp for putting practice.

3. A Quality Screen & Projector

What good is all the data in the world if you can’t see the data clearly? By choosing an HD screen and projector the client unlocks a huge number of possibilities. Not only will the practice data be clearly visible, the simulator can be used for multiple purposes. Whether it is 4K movies, gaming or watching television, the HD screen and projector option means once your practice is complete, you can still use your simulator for the rest of the day. When paired with a simulator enclosure for safety, you truly have a setup that not only allows for clear, concise practice, but also an entertainment facility for the whole family.


IMG-3319 – See the sim in action

IMG-3320 – See the sim in action!

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