A total upgrade | The Nevill Golf Club gets a face lift!

The Nevill Golf Club, initially approached by the team at Golf Swing Systems for an upgrade to their members’ warm-up facilities, underwent a significant transformation under the guidance of General Manager Stuart Turner. Recognizing the potential for enhancing the club’s offerings, Turner envisioned a comprehensive revamp, which included the addition of a new custom fitting and coaching center featuring a Trackman simulator and bespoke custom fitting hub.

Owner/Director of Golf Swing Systems, Steve Joy, visited the club and assessed the existing Pro Shop, noting its tired appearance. Upon receiving the brief for the revamp, Joy conducted a thorough site survey, including an inspection of the loft space to assess the feasibility of raising the existing ceilings from 2.5m to 3.5m. With estimates in hand, the GSS team engaged the services of a structural engineer to confirm the feasibility of the plan. Following necessary surveys and calculations, the green light was given to proceed with raising the ceilings and establishing the premier fitting center in the county.

Construction began in mid-September of 2023, involving site clearance, removal of existing facilities, and raising the ceiling heights. The redesigned space now boasts a state-of-the-art 6m x 5m studio utilized by head pro Elliot for lessons and custom fitting sessions. The rebuilt Pro Shop features a modern embossed wood finish, enhancing the aesthetic appeal and providing members with a prestigious club atmosphere.

Feedback from members has been overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing surprise at the transformation. The addition of the new studio further elevates the club’s offerings, providing ample space for a Trackman custom fitting center. Custom leather wall panels, touchscreen displays, and a bespoke fitting hub contribute to the studio’s functionality and aesthetic coherence with the Pro Shop.

For those interested in experiencing the revamped facilities, a video tour and interview are available. Golf clubs seeking similar upgrades are encouraged to reach out via the provided contact form.

A total upgrade | The Nevill Golf Club gets a face lift!

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