Golf Manor Club

No golfer likes the rain or the cold. In the grips of winter this is especially highlighted by the buzzing busyness of the Golf Manor Club in Farnham. This brand new facility is kitted out with the latest advance in ceiling based launch monitors – Trackman iO. This system allows for mega accurate data, to within 1% of real life, and industry leading user experience from the ever popular TPS9. In a simulator you can control the weather conditions to suit your needs, so a rain delay will never ruin your day again. To find out how this fantastic centre came to be, please read on.

The Design Process

Owner / Manager of the centre, Lawrence, approached Golf Swing Systems with a simple brief. “Build me the ideal practice space for a golfer”. When presented with this kind of task we pay attention to 3 main considerations.

  • Space – For the ideal practice facility, you cannot have a cramped practice location. Height, Width and Length all need to be considered with the so called goldilocks spaces starting at 3m high, by 5m wide by 6m long. Anything beyond these measurements is a luxury and will provide a perfect location for practice with both right and left handers able to swing very comfortable in the centre of the room.
  • Screen – The impact screen in a sim is paramount to the customers experience. If the screen is saggy, or marked, or not capable of holding a HD image, they are left underwhelmed and deflated. The GSS VISTA screens used the Golf Manor Club simulators is built to withstand extreme punishment, all while maintaining a cinema quality picture.
  • Launch Monitor – When practicing in a simulator centre, the customer expects the ultimate level of data and graphics. Trackman has long been the market leaders in both of these areas. TPS9 has undoubtably the best graphics of any golf simulator software and when you pair this with the total picture of the golf swing offered by the Trackman iO you have an unbeatable practice experience which truly offers value for money.

The Build Process

In order to create the perfect space as highlighted above, custom simulator enclosures were required. In order to achieve this we constructed bespoke timber frame simulator enclosures which made the most of the unique rooms available at the Golf Manor. Leaving the vaulted ceilings exposed ensured the buildings character was displayed whilst creating the perfect practice space. Once these structures were established, the foam protection and custom screens looked like the belonged within the space.

The Result

 “The Golf Manor was created out of a passion to provide an all year round amazing indoor golfing experience. A combination of personalised customer service, an ambient environment and using the best golf simulator technology in the world, we provide golfers of all ages and skill levels with a reason to keep falling in love with the game of hitting the little white ball.”

In order to summarise the experience at Golf Manor, this quote from their website is best referred to. Golfers will find a welcoming an inclusive environment to practice in, powered by the absolute pinnacle of golf technology. To watch the walk through click here. 

If you are considering building your own indoor centre please contact us here.

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