Bespoke Retractable Free Standing Screen

When a fully glass-walled extension boasting stunning views of a golf course, becomes the home for a golf simulator, the challenge of incorporating a system becomes intricate. The utmost priority shifts to ensuring wall and ceiling protection while preserving the picturesque view. In this scenario, a retractable screen was constructed utilizing the company’s proprietary components and the industry-leading VISTA fabric. This innovation results in an ULTRA HD projected image, with durability equivalent to that of a fixed screen. Moreover, the system can be conveniently stowed away with a simple touch of a button. Further details about the complete setup can be found below.

The Screen

To craft a retractable screen that meets the levels of clarity and resilience that VISTA is known for, the decision was made to pursue a customized approach. By designing a bespoke, powder-coated steel framework, the team successfully produced a screen and frame that did not require fastening to any walls, a feat made impossible due to the glass structure. This heavy-duty framework was crucial for supporting the weight and load of the screen itself, which, unlike the material employed in commercially available retractable systems, featured full-thickness impact material, considerably heavier than what a standard frame could withstand.

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Wellputt Custom Flooring

In order to ensure that adverse weather conditions or scheduling constraints would not impede any aspect of the golf game experience, this installation included the incorporation of custom Wellputt Carpet. The Wellputt carpet offers the flexibility to be printed with a variety of drills or designs, allowing for the creation of a truly distinctive simulator finish. Among the most popular designs are pace drills, interactive games like beer pong, and even bespoke logo designs, similar to the one showcased in the Golf Swing Systems Showroom. The noteworthy characteristic of the Wellputt carpet lies in its ability to simulate a green with a Stimp rating of 10, representing a medium-fast green in the UK.

The Launch Monitor

When tasked with providing the ultimate simulator experience, TrackMan 4 often emerges as the top choice. If the available room dimensions permit the installation of a radar device, TrackMan’s market-leading software, TPS 9, delivers the most user-friendly experience among launch monitors. Included within the TrackMan subscription are access to over 260 golf courses, an extensive array of practice options for honing one’s golf skills, and the assistance of an AI-based golf coach named Tracy, capable of guiding players towards rapid improvement.

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