Raising the roof version 2 – Customising your space to fit your needs

Do you have a single or double garage which is not being used to its full potential? Then you could transform the space into your very own private golf club which access to hundreds of the world’s top fairways. This was the dream of our latest project, but an immediate issue was found. The low ceilings meant you couldn’t swing a golf club safely. The solution resulted in a unique golf simulator which perfectly suits the golfer’s needs.

As you can see in the image above, having worked with a structural engineer, the ceiling was raised in a very specific way to preserve much needed storage space, and to accommodate a right handed, full golf swing. This method of raising the ceiling is not only space saving, but also more affordable than raising the entire ceiling. It truly opens a new option for those looking to convert a low ceiling into the perfect simulator environment.

The simulator installed is designed specifically to offer the ultimate on course experience. With a SkyTrak Plus, you not only get reliable club and ball data, but you can also access over 200 hundred thousand golf courses by purchasing the TGC 2019 golf simulator package. With the ability to complete 18 holes of golf in under an hour, playing every shot from tee to green, TGC 2019 ensures you are able practice every element of your game in your simulator.

To check out the first swing in this simulator click here.

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