Big Returns on Small Spaces – Sherborne Golf Club

In the case of Sherborne Golf Club, historical golf clubs such as theirs grapple with a pressing challenge – limited space. Their primary focus lies in cultivating a top-tier golf course, fostering an inclusive membership environment, and preserving the historical ambiance rather than allocating space for sprawling rooms designed to accommodate golf simulators. Addressing this challenge, the Head Professional at Sherborne Golf Club, Wes Caines, approached Golf Swing Systems with a singular objective: to convert a diminutive, unused cupboard into a functional golf simulator room.

Initiating this ambitious project required the expertise of an on-site specialist. Steve Joy, the Director of Golf Swing Systems, embarked on multiple visits to the golf club to meticulously measure and design the space. The paramount concern was to ensure that the space would not impose any restrictions on a golfer’s swing. It was essential to ensure that the compact simulator room would still offer members a proper location to hone their skills.

To create ample room for the simulator, the decision was made to merge two separate rooms into one narrow yet elongated space. Ultimately, the room’s dimensions measured 2.79 meters in width and 3.56 meters in height at its highest point, with eaves standing at 2.72 meters. The pivotal question remained: how could they maximize the available dimensions? The solution lay in crafting a custom screen tailored to perfectly fit the room’s unique shape and corners.

Before commencing the construction, the entire room was given a ply lining. This not only added an extra layer of insulation to the existing breezeblock walls but also provided a secure surface for attaching both the screen and wall protection. Additionally, the floor was lined with plywood to create a level surface, ensuring that any hitting mat and putting turf would yield true rolls.

With the room adequately prepared, the installation team proceeded to assemble the simulator, opting for the ever popular SkyTrak Plus unit. The SkyTrak Plus unit offered a compact yet comprehensive simulator experience, providing access to a diverse range of course simulator software options. In this instance, team paired the SkyTrak Plus with TGC 2019, a software solution renowned for its popularity at Golf Swing Systems. Boasting a library of over 200,000 golf courses and the capability to display graphics at resolutions up to 4K, TGC 2019 seamlessly brought the golf course indoors.

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