Ceiling based launch monitors… The next step in indoor golf? ProTee VX is here!

Indoor Golf has long been debating the merits of radar and camera based launch monitors. One technology, represented by radars such as TrackMan, positions itself behind the player, while the other, exemplified by cameras like Foresight, stands next to the player. The ongoing debate revolves around which tracking method provides superior data, has a lesser impact on the player’s game, and offers the best value for money.

The prevailing consensus is radars tend to offer a more extensive range of data while being less obtrusive than cameras. Radars allow players, whether right or left-handed, to switch positions at their convenience and enable features like swing capture. Conversely, camera-based launch monitors lay claim to better indoor accuracy by capturing spin axis and ball speed through real-life photographs, eliminating the need for complex algorithms or calculations.

ProTee United introduces their new VX Launch Monitor, which strikes a harmonious balance between advanced technology and user-friendliness. Its sleek design and remarkable accuracy position it as a viable choice for individuals seeking to enhance their home simulator experience in the current market. The ProTee boasts an array of impressive features, including compatibility with both right and left-handed players, AI-driven reaction times, and lifelike graphics. This prompts the question of whether our launch monitors are better situated on the ceiling, where one can enjoy the advantages of both technologies.

The ProTee offers data on par with radar systems, encompassing 20 measurable parameters, super slow-motion impact capture, and the highest level of non-invasive launch monitoring. It achieves all of this whilst utilising camera technology to take real photographs of the golf ball. To provide insight into the ProTee and its standout features, Golf Swing Systems enlisted the expertise of Jack Harrison from the Asia Tour, who will share his top 5 features.

Ceiling based launch monitors… The next step in indoor golf? ProTee VX is here!

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