Completing the garden with a golf cabin – GSS success story

Moving to a new property is a stressful process. The primary focus of this stress is making the house your own. In this case, the first port of call for turning the house into a home, was a golf simulator cabin. We were tasked with installing a SkyTrak simulator, home cinema hybrid, at the end of the new garden. The cabin was a simple build with the dimensions ending up at approximately 6.5m long, 3.5m tall and 4.5m wide. These dimensions are our ideal sizes for a SkyTrak cabin with easily enough space to swing a club and safely measure your stats.

The Build Process


With our build team onsite for approximately 4 weeks the first step in our process is to dig foundations and erect a timber frame. These buildings are made to last so our clients have no worries regarding subsidence or poor build quality. With an additional exterior shed requested the client opted for a slate grey finish and exterior lighting which provides a very polished and stylish look.

The Simulator

When building a simulator there are three main things to consider.

  1. How you track the shots. – In this case the client decided to use SkyTrak technology. The SkyTrak launch monitor utilises photometric sensors, which take high speed photos of the ball and golf club at impact to determine the result of the shot. The benefit of this is an extremely compact simulator experience. With photometric units, the launch monitor can sit immediately adjacent to the golf ball. This means there are less requirement for distance behind the player within the cabin. The SkyTrak was paired with the ever popular TGC 2019 golf course game. This is run from a high spec gaming PC which was custom built in house at GSS.
  2. How you see the shots. – As this build was designed to be utilised as both a golf simulator and a HD cinema screen the obvious choice for the client was to go for an HD screen and a 5000 Lumens Panasonic projector. When you pair this setup with the blackout curtains we supplied, you can easily produce top quality graphics and a HD quality cinema picture.
  3. What you are hitting off. – As golf simulators are primarily aimed at improving your golf game, the surface which you hit off is important. In this case our top selling Tee-Turf Mat was installed. This spongier material provides a huge amount of feedback on shots struck behind the ball. The Tee Turf also comes with the added benefit that you can tee the ball up in any position. This makes the mat incredibly durable and convenient.

The End Result

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