Eight fantastic gifts to buy a golfer

Father’s Day isn’t far away, so you might be trying to come up with a good idea for what to get your dad to celebrate the occasion. If he’s a keen golfer then he will definitely appreciate a golfing-themed present. But rather than choosing some novelty item that he smiles at once but never looks at again, how about getting him something that he will actually use?

At Golf Swing Systems we supply a range of products that could be an ideal Father’s Day gift for any golfer. Whether it’s a practice mat to lay down and improve the putting game or a stance trainer to help develop a more consistent stroke, there’s a golfing gift out there for everyone. Here are eight of our favourite Father’s Day golfing gifts.

Putting practice mat

Putting practice mat

A putting mat is something that can fit in the home of any golfer, providing both hours of fun and the chance to truly improve an important element of your game. The Put ‘N’ Hazard Putting Mat is two metres long, allowing you get comfortable putting over a range of distances. The smart design returns balls automatically to you, so there’s no frustrating need to collect everything once you’re finished.


If you’re buying a gift for someone who is looking to improve the power, accuracy and feel of their swing, there might be no better choice than the SwingSetter by David Leadbetter. With adjustable magnetic balls that click together for audible feedback so that the user knows they are performing their swing correctly, the SwingSetter can be an extremely valuable tool.

Chipping net

Golf chipping net

Chipping is one of those golfing skills that can often get neglected and it’s only once you’re on the course that you realise you should have practiced more. The truth is that chipping practice is easy, all you need is a little outdoor space and a Pro Advanced Chipping Net and you can quickly develop an underutilised skill.

SKLZ Stance Trainer

If you haven’t had professional tuition either for a long time or perhaps ever, you might not realise that your stance on the golf course is not what it could be. The SKLZ Golf Stance Trainer guides your feet and helps to ensure you stay in the correct alignment. If you know that your dad has been looking to improve his stance on the course, this will make a fantastic gift.

Orange Whip

Most golfing gifts have one function, but the Orange Whip actually fulfils two vital roles as training aid. First it replicates the feel of swinging a club, so you can work on improving and adding consistency to your swing. But just as important is its ability to work out your core muscles with every swing.

SkyCaddie SW2

SkyCaddie SW2

The best-selling SkyCaddie series offer the most advanced and user-friendly golf GPS watches the market. The SkyCaddie SW2 boasts a new slimmer design with much better battery life. The watch calculates distances accurately to the front, centre and back of the green, allowing you to keep track of your game. Unlike many GPS watches, there is no annual fee with the SkyCaddie, so this is a gift that you can give without expecting the recipient to have to pay further fees themselves.

Sand Blaster

Bunker shots are something that every golfer unfortunately has to play occasionally. But they are something that is difficult to practice away from the course. The Sand Blaster changes all of that. This tool can be filled with sand so that you can replicate playing shots from the bunker.

Blast Golf 360 Swing Analyser

Blast Motion Swing Analyser

The Blast Golf 360 Swing Analyser connects to your Android or Apple device in order to analyse your swing and provide real-time feedback. The data is captured by your smart phone or tablet, meaning that you can refer back to it in order to make real improvements to your game.

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