How to extend the life of your golf simulator impact screen

Golf simulators are an important investment for enhancing your golf game and one worth protecting throughout the many years of use they get. While built for durability, driving golf balls repeatedly at a screen does have an impact. But, with regular maintenance and the right approach, you can enjoy your golf simulator for years to come.

So, if you are looking to get the most out of your golf simulator and prolong its life, follow these impact screen maintenance tips.

How long does a golf impact screen last?

Here at Golf Swing Systems, we develop our Impact Screens using the highest-grade archery material. This not only gives great projection, but it is a quality material built to last. A fair estimation of a high-quality golf impact screen would be over 15,000 shots, although lower quality screens may only be good for approximately 2,000 shots before showing signs of wear.

One contributing factor to how long a golf impact screen lasts is the quality of the balls it is struck by. For instance, using scuffed golf balls can cause some fraying of materials that are not as hard-wearing as others.

Another factor is how clean those balls are. It is advisable to use new balls as they have not been hit outdoors, gathering dirt and debris on their surface which has the potential for discolouring a pristine screen.

How do you clean a golf impact screen?

Ideally, you will be using your golf simulator impact screen in a clean and dry room or environment. But it is virtually impossible to completely remove dust and dirt from a room and this will eventually begin to build up on your impact screen, which may impair the visual quality of your simulator experience.

There is also a chance that accidents happen, and you mistakenly hit a dirty ball at your screen, or you use your simulator as a cinema and there have been some spillages. This is not the end of the world and cleaning a golf simulator screen is a relatively easy process.

You can remove most stains and marks with little more than gentle soap, a cloth or sponge and warm water. We don’t recommend taking your screen down and soaking it for any length of time however – nor should you use abrasive cleaning products or steamers which can damage the material.

Prevention is better than cure

When it comes to keeping your hitting screen clean, it is much better to prevent stains from occurring rather than trying to remove them at a later stage. But how? Clean golf balls are just the beginning and while you can easily keep an indoor set for your simulator, it’s a little harder to have a duplicate set of clubs.

Therefore, it is important to always clean your clubs before bringing them to your golf simulator. Not only will this reduce the risk that dirt or dust is transferred from your clubs to your balls and then your screen, but clean clubs can also help improve parts of your game like accuracy and spin.

Make sure to cover your screen when not in use or pack it away in a clean and secure case or box. However, if you fold your screen away, make sure not to leave it boxed up for too long otherwise it may develop long-term wrinkles or creases.

Shock absorption and distance from the wall

The installation of a golf simulator impact screen has a significant bearing on its longevity. At Golf Swing Systems we have extensive experience installing all aspects of golf simulator technology and will always ensure that adequate space is left between the wall and your impact screen.

This is to avoid the screen from being driven into the wall, increasing the impact it receives when struck with a ball. We also recommend installing your screen at least 10 feet away from where you will strike the ball to avoid it impacting at its highest force.

Play better with Golf Swing Systems

Practising and honing your skills is made easier with the installation of a golf simulator in your home. You can play golf around the clock, no matter the weather or time of day. Contact a member of our team if you would like to discover more about how the simulator installation process works.

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