The best of both worlds at The Bedfordshire

The modern day golfer looks different to one from 20 years ago. Even an average golfer is now used to custom clubs, data from launch monitors and indoor practice facilities. The question therefore, is what is the best way to accommodate these expectations? If you have space for an indoor studio in your clubhouse, fantastic but what if your clubhouse is at capacity? Transforming a driving range teaching bay into an indoor outdoor hybrid studio, is now a real possibility with Golf Swing Systems. A great example of this transformation is at The Bedfordshire Golf Club. Find out what’s inside below.

Retractable Projector Screen & Shutter

One of the key features in an indoor studio is the ability to project a virtual range or course, to give a real feel golfing experience. By utilising our PANORAMIC Projector screen, and a heavy duty curtain track, you are able to fully stow or extend, your screen in a matter of seconds. You are also able to achieve an HD projection image to give a truly convertible studio experience. Behind the screen is a roller shutter which rises and falls at the turn of key making the conversion not just quick, but simple too.

To see this process in action watch here.

The Transformation Process

WellPutt Custom Carpet

WellPutt carpet is the ultimate surface to practice putting on. With variable speed options and the ability to totally customise the design and aesthetic of your putting carpet you end up with a totally bespoke product. At The Bedfordshire we included various pace drills and the club’s logo but the options are truly endless for your own mat. In order to simulate the vast majority of UK greens we chose to utilise the Stimp 10 speed surface so players practice is truly applicable to their on course experience.

The Bedfordshire WellPutt Carpet

Tee Turf Strike Mat



The Golf Swing Systems exclusive Tee Turf allows you to use real tees, in real feel turf, to create the closest thing to your own personal tee-box possible. By utilising 32mm of nylon turf, you get accurate feedback when you strike the ball heavy, adding a useful training element to your strike surface. By putting this in a teaching and fitting studio, we are able to make the pros job easier. Gone are the days of false feedback from driving range mats, meaning the pro can spot issues in the swing like never before.

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