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How to Hit a Chip Shot in Golf Properly

Whether you’re a complete golfing beginner or a seasoned pro, having a reliable chipping game is essential for shaving strokes off your golf scores. While the driver and putter may get all the glory, the humble chip shot is often the unsung hero that can rescue a wayward approach and save par.

Learning how to chip a golf ball takes consistent, focused practice. But once you master the fundamentals, it becomes an incredibly valuable tool to have in your arsenal when hitting the green, or even when practicing using a golf simulation system. It boils down to technique and posture, and with the right preparation (and equipment), you’ll be able to consistently overcome those tricky spots around the green.

In this post, we’ll cover the key elements of golf chipping techniques, common mistakes to avoid, and some drills to help you rapidly improve this crucial short-game skill. Plus, we’ll spotlight how the innovative training aids from Golf Swing Systems can fast-track your chipping prowess.

Mastering How to Chip a Ball in Golf

Proper setup is paramount for consistently making solid contact on chip shots, which is the most important place for first-time golfers to start. Here are the key elements to focus on:

Stance and Ball Position

Keep your feet close together, slightly open to the target line. Position the ball in the centre of your stance. This creates a balanced setup that allows your body to freely rotate through the shot while maintaining a stable posture over the ball.

Weight Distribution

Shift your weight slightly forward, with your front shoulder directly over your lead foot. This promotes a slightly descending blow into the back of the ball for crisp contact.

Club Selection

Reach for your pitching wedge, gap wedge or sand wedge depending on the distance. These lofted clubs make it easy to get the ball up in the air with a controlled, compact swing.

The Swing Align Pro training package from Golf Swing Systems is perfect for dialling in your ideal chipping setup. Its adjustable arm and leg cradles ensure your body is perfectly aligned and your swing plane is on point.

Fundamentals of Hitting Chip Shots in Golf

With your setup squared away, it’s time to focus on the actual mechanics of the golfing chip shot. The key is to avoid the common “hit” mentality and instead think “swing.”

Keep Your Arms Relaxed

Resist the urge to actively hit or scoop at the ball. Instead, let your arms hang freely as you make a smooth, pendulum-like backswing and follow through. This promotes solid, consistent contact, instead of creating a stop-start motion.

Maintain Body Rotation

While your arms stay relatively quiet, initiate the swing with a gentle turn of your chest and shoulders. This synchronises your upper and lower body for a balanced, compact motion.

Stay Down Through Impact

Resist the temptation to help the ball up in the air. Keep your weight centred and your head still as you strike through the back of the ball with a slightly descending blow.

The SPG-7 Spornia golf practice set is invaluable for reinforcing proper chipping training skills in golfers. Its roof, chipping basket, and target sheet help golfers eliminate common faults like over-swinging, flipping the hands, or losing balance.

Practice Makes Perfect

As with any golf skill, chipping requires consistent, purposeful practice to master. But with the right drills and equipment, you can accelerate the learning curve significantly.

Try this simple drill using the Leadbetter indoor/outdoor chipping net, as a starting point:

Set up with the net a few yards in front of you, then focus on making smooth, controlled swings that send the ball rolling the desired distance and trajectory into the target area. The mechanics will become second nature very quickly.

Whenever weather or schedule prohibits outdoor practice, take your chipping game indoors with a home golf simulator from Golf Swing Systems. Its high-tech sensors and software provide detailed swing analytics to help you fine-tune your swings, putts, and chips.

Ready to Take Your Short Game to New Heights?

Consistency around the greens is key to hitting below-par scores. With the right practice tools from Golf Swing Systems, you can develop a reliable, repeatable chipping stroke to get up-and-down more often.

Explore our full lineup of innovative golf training equipment, simulators, and accessories designed to help players of all levels master their short game. Get in touch today to learn how Golf Swing Systems can help elevate your chipping skills and overall golf performance.

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